Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I swear I'm not sure what happened. All I know is that June came along and I got super busy. NOW we're not only in July, we're at the end of July!

Christ all mighty! I wish I knew where the time went.

So here's another one of my ever-so-handy- recaps:

Baby Girl: She's six months old! Yesterday the little angel who has graced our lives turned six months old. (Again, where the hell did the time go?) she's not only rolling over from back to tummy and back again, the little one now wants to be sitting up. She's getting better at it too. She can stay seated for a few seconds before she starts sagging over and eventually face planting. She's also taken to grabbing anything in sight to try to eat it. She's fond of arms and fingers. She's like a little zombie. There's no real thought in the action, she just knows that she must nom on something. :D

Speaking of nomming, two weeks ago we started her on "food." The first thing she ate was home made, pureed peas. Yep I made them. My parents actually went out and tracked down fresh peas. I now have a handful that I will be planting for her. But yes, the first mouthfuls were completely exploratory and she wasn't sure she was digging it. By the end of the first bowl, she was ready to dive into the damn thing. Rice cereal is still a big hit with her, but she's all about the apples (again, home made). I guess she remembered the taste. :D

The bad news is that she threw up for the first time two days ago. I think my Mom accidentally overfed her then we packed her up to go home. This combination most likely led ot the poor little thing puking her guts out on my drive home. I felt horrible. Actually, that's wrong, I felt like I aged during that car ride home. It scared the hell out of me. Not cool. Of course, today she went in for a doctor's appointment and had to get shots. She's having a bad week.

The House: We are officially unpacked and settled in. Yaaaaay. I had to take the bulk of my vacation time last week to do it, but we're just about done. i have a box full of odds and ends to tackle but we're done. Now, as in the words of George Carlin, I have to go out to get more stuff. :D

We also expanded the deck. the thing is twice the size it was before. Love it. the only problem is, now that the deck is huge, the grill look so lonely and lost. I may just have to get a bigger grill. Yeeeeharhar!

Family: The family is doing well. My Dad got a forced retirement. Luckily this this will happen about two months ahead of schedule anyway, so they're okay with this. The rest of the family is doing great. My two brothers brought their families over last weekend to see my aunts and uncle who flew out for a visit. It was nice. Loud, but very nice.

I think that's about that for now. I should get back to work. I shouldn't push my lunch break out any further. Cheers!

HA! There Be A Monster in Them Waters!

As you may recall, I have an obsession with monster stories and this one came to my attention today. Enjoy!

Sea Monster of Alaska

The other nifty thing is that when you follow the link there's a video of the Hillstrand brothers from Deadliest Catch watching the footage. :D