Friday, August 27, 2010

Things That Go Bump in the Night

I don't know if I've mentioned this before but lately, Aaron has become one with his inner hunter, or fisherman, I should say. He picked it up a few weeks back when his work buddy invited him to go deep sea fishing. He has now gone just about every week since then and last night he went on his own. I don't mind this at all. I actually find it really nice that he's found something to do that gets him out of the house for a little while on his days off. Not to mention, being out on the open water actually makes him feel really good. I told him it's the positively charged air, he thinks it's something else.

Eh either way, I'm happy he's found something he really likes doing. I actually can't wait to be able to go out with him. I used to go with my grandfather years ago. I'm just not sure if I should go out with him now. I'm usually good with the motion, but it's the smells I'm concerned about. I have the olfactory senses of a bloodhound now so the fishy smell probably wouldn't be so great.

So yes, last night he got home kind of late. But the thing I noticed is that since the first time I felt the nudges, flutters, whatever you call them (wee one movements), a little bit ago, they don’t really occur unless he’s there. So last night, I was asleep when he came home. I asked him how he enjoyed the trip, blah, blah, blah and as soon as he walked out of the room to let me go back to sleep, the wee one starts in with the movements. I heard that their ears are actually functioning at this point (18 weeks) but I quickly becoming convinced that the wee one likes it when Aaron speaks. Actually, when I feel the wee one the most is when he goes to give the belly a rub and a kiss good night. So yeah, there I am trying to get to sleep and the wee one is doing somersaults. Nice. And of course, I can’t just ignore it, feeling the wee one’s movements is just too nifty.

I’m sure I’ll change my tune later on when the movement becomes more pronounced and occasionally embarrassing, but for now, it’s just new, odd and nifty.

Oh yes, Aaron did actually catch a few fish.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Feels Like Fall

Today feels like one of those glorious Fall days that remind me of just happy things like apple picking or walking across the UConn campus or the elementary school Halloween parades. I love it.

I can’t help it; I’ve always been big on the Fall. I love the happy crisp, but not too cold weather, the colors, and the smell apples and of cider doughnuts when you go apple picking. Oh and how can I forget the aroma of cinnamon that lingers on everything after banking. Ahhh… it’s like a giant hug.

So yes, if you’re wondering, I have already started coming up with ideas for decorating. My friend Marie told me she’s going to throw a Halloween party at her place and recruited me to help her decorate. Muuuuahahahahaaa. Yeeees! I told her about my skull candelabra and she wants one of her own. I’m also thinking of making flower holders out of plastic skeleton hands to place everywhere. I may go nutty and try to make a platter with the pedestal made of plastic bones or skulls, but it will depend entirely on what I can get my hands on and how crazy she wants me to go. She already has me working on designs for her Jack O’Lanterns. I’m so excited. I sketched out a few that she immediately loved but I think I can do better. Luckily I have several carving kits that can be used for the pumpkins. Now I just have to figure out how much dry ice I’m going to need for the other decorations.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Fargin’ Exciting!

I am really excited. Last night I was kind of outed on FB by a friend who was asking about how I was feeling. While I haven’t exactly been keeping it a secret, I haven’t actually gotten around to letting the world know about the news on a grand scale like this. So I took the celeb route and made the announcement myself. :)

My poor phone wouldn’t stop beeping all night long. It’s connected to my FB and every time I get a response to something it lets me know. I had to set it to silent to get to sleep.

Earlier in the night I experienced something really cool, as did Aaron. We felt the baby move. I kept noticing that the belly would kind of make mini swishy moves all day long. When Aaron got home I showed him. When he put his hand on my belly I felt the most definitive movement ever, right where his hand was. I was thrilled. He was positively over the moon.

Then of course, I got yet another bit of happy news. Early in the day, I sent my friend a text to let her know I sent her an e-mail through FB. I originally wanted to ask her if she would be up for going to lunch or something soon and to get her address for the shower. She said he’d be happy about getting together and then told me that SHE was also expecting and her 11th week! Mind you the last time I saw her it was back in June, I told her I was expecting and she told me she and her DH were trying for baby number two. Teehee! Love it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I really hope the asshole who hacked into my e-mail and blogger has a very unfortunate accident. Or perhaps has a bout of severe bad luck. Something along the lines of oh, say, flesh eating virus or perhaps a spontaneous testicular explosion (if it's a male).


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why You Little...

I find it amazing that the moment someone shows that they aren't completely useless around computers, others will automatically assume you're the next Bill friggin' Gates.

At work, I do some of the updates and I fix a few things around to make them run smoothly. I wish I had never started this. Today I was referred to as the webmaster. WRONG! But the worst wa that while I was out sick yesterday a huge mound of work piled up that was all web-based and out of my capabilities. Had they actually spoken to the IT/ webmaster in the office, they would have gotten a lot of things straightened out and I wouldn't have had to freak the hell out while trying to catch up with the things I am actually responsible for.

There. Now that I've bitched and feel remotely better.

Today is the kind of day that I wish I could sit down and throw back a beer or two. Ah well, I suppose an herbal tea will have to do.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Win Again Mr. Target...

All I meant to get is a new pillow, two storage bins and Listerine. Ah yes, the best laid plans...

Target has always been this magical spot that seems to take my money the way a casino slot machine does. I approach it knowing I am going to walk away with less money than I started with but have some fun in the process. By the time I walk away, however, my wallet is empty. I hate that.

I walked out of Target with a bill that's a few dollars away from the $200 mark. Granted yes, all the items I got except for the Ravin Rabbids game ($14.00) were necessary. It just still a little jarring when you see the sales total.

Ah well, at least I've been able to clean the apartment without getting pass-out tired and I was able to get all the pre-pregger clothes that just don't fit anymore out of circulation and into the new bins. I suppose I'm pretty lucky that although my tummy is getting bigger I haven't gained a whole lot of weight yet (only about 5-7 pounds so far), so I can still fit into my looser tops. Pants are a different matter all together. I can get them on, I just can't close a lot of them. Luckily I have the belly band thing, so I can use that to keep them sorta closed, or covered enough that you can't see my pants are actually open. :)