Sunday, August 1, 2010

You Win Again Mr. Target...

All I meant to get is a new pillow, two storage bins and Listerine. Ah yes, the best laid plans...

Target has always been this magical spot that seems to take my money the way a casino slot machine does. I approach it knowing I am going to walk away with less money than I started with but have some fun in the process. By the time I walk away, however, my wallet is empty. I hate that.

I walked out of Target with a bill that's a few dollars away from the $200 mark. Granted yes, all the items I got except for the Ravin Rabbids game ($14.00) were necessary. It just still a little jarring when you see the sales total.

Ah well, at least I've been able to clean the apartment without getting pass-out tired and I was able to get all the pre-pregger clothes that just don't fit anymore out of circulation and into the new bins. I suppose I'm pretty lucky that although my tummy is getting bigger I haven't gained a whole lot of weight yet (only about 5-7 pounds so far), so I can still fit into my looser tops. Pants are a different matter all together. I can get them on, I just can't close a lot of them. Luckily I have the belly band thing, so I can use that to keep them sorta closed, or covered enough that you can't see my pants are actually open. :)


Cathy said...

Target is a money magnet! I cannot go in there without dropping a good amount of money. Tagged along yesterday w/ mom & SHE had to got to target, yet somehow I spent about $40... hmmmm

one good thing I grabbed was crystal light to go packets for this weekend, cuz I don't like the taste of the mineral water- blech!