Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Fargin’ Exciting!

I am really excited. Last night I was kind of outed on FB by a friend who was asking about how I was feeling. While I haven’t exactly been keeping it a secret, I haven’t actually gotten around to letting the world know about the news on a grand scale like this. So I took the celeb route and made the announcement myself. :)

My poor phone wouldn’t stop beeping all night long. It’s connected to my FB and every time I get a response to something it lets me know. I had to set it to silent to get to sleep.

Earlier in the night I experienced something really cool, as did Aaron. We felt the baby move. I kept noticing that the belly would kind of make mini swishy moves all day long. When Aaron got home I showed him. When he put his hand on my belly I felt the most definitive movement ever, right where his hand was. I was thrilled. He was positively over the moon.

Then of course, I got yet another bit of happy news. Early in the day, I sent my friend a text to let her know I sent her an e-mail through FB. I originally wanted to ask her if she would be up for going to lunch or something soon and to get her address for the shower. She said he’d be happy about getting together and then told me that SHE was also expecting and her 11th week! Mind you the last time I saw her it was back in June, I told her I was expecting and she told me she and her DH were trying for baby number two. Teehee! Love it!


April said...

I've been such a BAAAAAAD blogger...not keeping up with any of my reading. I can't believe I missed your announcemnet! CONGRATS!!! I'm so happy to hear of the wee one! :-)

Cathy said...

So cool that you & Aaron felt the peanut move!

So glad you are doing well and can't wait to see what the upcoming months will bring :)