Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Well good golly Batman! I seem to be forgetting everything. I mean everything. I know the whole pregnancy brain thing can hit pretty hard but, really? Today alone, I got up at least three times to get another cup of water and forgot what I needed the moment I turned the corner of my cubicle. Ah well, at least I’m getting some exercise, right?

But yes, other than the attention span of a gnat, I’m doing pretty good. The nausea seems to have given me some kind of a break for a little while. And my tummy is now getting to the point where I really can’t fit into my clothes. I think I may have to ask Aaron to go to the attic and get my bin of preggy clothes.

I’m also in a pretty great mood because the girls were over this weekend. We didn’t do a whole lot, mostly hanging out and relaxing. It was lovely. We also got to catch up on things; some great, some kinda sad and some things that left me scratching my head. We also got to run through a few great movies before calling it a night. You know you’re in good company when you can just recite movies and not have to really watch the thing. :) I just wish the weekend were longer.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The signs so far are pointing to this little one being a boy. I say this because so far, this is pretty completely different form the first time around.

For example, the last time I only battled “morning” sickness for about three-ish weeks in the beginning of the second trimester. This time around, I have been REALLY nauseated from about week six or so. I have been feeling moody as hell and all I want to do is sleep. Last time around, I wondered what I had heard all the other women complaining about. I felt perfectly happy and had enough energy to do just about anything. 

Then there’s the hunger/complete lack of hunger. On any given day, I go from feeling fine and not peckish in the slightest, to I am about to eat your face if you don’t hand over that cookie, NOW! It’s kind of scary, actually. I have to keep my purse stocked with extra food, just in case. Then of course, once I eat about three bites of something, I feel full to the point to discomfort. I try to keep small snacks around in an attempt to stay at a happy mid-point, but that hasn’t really worked.

So yeah, I am still guessing (and hoping) it’s a boy, but I won’t really get to find out for another few weeks. I should really start taking bets on this. :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Angry and Disgusted

Just recently I was hit with some pretty disturbing news. Not to worry, it’s not about me, personally, but someone very close to me. And while I’ll avoid the gory details, I will say this; I hate it when I am right about a person— particularly when the initial gut feeling wasn’t favorable.

But yes, I am extremely disappointed with someone in my life and what hurts is that this person is too damn selfish to even acknowledge they are in the wrong. I really hoped—I mean, really hoped—that this person would prove my initial gut feeling wrong, but time and time again, they just proved that they weren’t worth the effort. I am disgusted with this person and hope that Karma catches up with them and quickly.

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Good News Everyone!"

Hiya all! So I have been kind of stockpiling my posts, well, short thoughts on the days for a while. Mostly because I have been kind of brain dead and not really able to get more than a few sentences "down on paper" at a time.

So here's the good news *ahem* Aaron, Baby Girl and I will be welcoming a new miniature person in mid April! Yep.

We're absolutely thrilled and I will be posting blobby photos of the new little one and, yes, a belly pics from time to time, but since I don't want to dump all this stuff on you at once, here's a little of what I have been going through so far:

August 5: Happy day! We got a positive HPT! The best thing about it is that I used a digital one so this time, Aaron couldn’t argue with me over whether or not he saw a second pink line. Huzzah!

Now that funny part is that the day before, on two occasions, friends asked if I was expecting. I hadn’t taken the test so I said no. I was supposed to have gotten the period at some point between Friday and Tuesday. I jumped the gun a touch. I couldn’t wait. In retrospect, however, the fact that I was doing an impersonation of Frosty in the greenhouse all weekend (even in the ac), couldn’t shake off a crazy, mild headache, and was tired beyond reason, all could have been clues. Ha!

August 6: Made my appointment with the GYN. We’re in on the 23rd at 2:15! Huzzah! By the way, it could all be totally psychosomatic but I swear my stomach is in knots. Could also be a touch of stress given that I am having dog training issues and we now have a bit of a daycare crisis on our hands (see the other August 6 entry). Again, this could totally be in my head, but I also feel crazy bloated.

August 7: Nothing but bloating. Blech. The other thing I’ve noticed is the increased need to go to the bathroom. I swear I didn’t remember it starting so early.

August 8: This morning was interesting, I felt queasy for most of the morning. I kind of felt as if I were just on this side of motion sick. On the verge of feeling like crap but not yet ready to boot. Awesome. Luckily, I haven’t felt a whole lot like an aversion to foods, smells, etc. to anything yet; although, I have been feeling kind of short tempered. But that could be due to the scaling back of coffee.

August 13: The Baby Girl’s first day at daycare. I felt a little sad dropping her off this morning. But in the long run, I know that this will be a good thing for her. Besides the fact that this is a huge adjustment for her, I think she should be able to handle it. She has spent most of her life interacting with adults, now she’ll get to spend the day playing with kiddos.

August 14: She didn’t really take the changes too well, but the lady who runs the daycare seems to think she will eventually catch on and all will be good. She also told us that the Princess is stubborn. As if we didn’t already know that.

August 16: I have been feeling pretty good lately. The other day I had a combination headache (no allergy meds, drastic reduction in caffeine, and lack of sleep because of the baby and dog) but really, it’s been okay. My biggest issue is that I am tired as hell and I am trying to cope with the stress from trying to get everything in order while I can still move freely. The Baby Girl is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances, but she has become really sticky. All she wants is for someone to carry her around.

August 17: Today is Friday, and thank the Lord for it. I can’t wait to get home and rest a touch. I do have to say, I can’t help but feel a little stressed out lately. I am really unhappy at work and I am trying to find a new job. The problem is what to do. Do I keep looking? Or do I stop? If so, when should I stop? Questions, questions.

August 20: I’ve decided it would be for the best to stop looking for a new job. I really don’t need the stress of working, interviewing, and then having to figure out what to tell a potential new employer that I will have to go on maternity leave within a few months.

August 23: First trip to the doctor’s and all is well. We saw an undefined blob on a screen with a wee little blinking center. Yay heartbeat! We’re at week six. Woohoo!

August 26: We’ve reached week seven. I feel okay. Just tired, mostly- a little queasy but not too bad.

September 3: Thank the lord we have a day off. I really needed it. I have been really tired lately and really, really nauseated. Like, just on this side of booting by face off.

September 10: So lately I have just been sick as can be and have thrown up at least two times. What hurts is, those times I booted, I didn’t exactly feel better afterwards. :)

On the plus side, I met up with a few friends today. I was also reminded why I don’t usually hit route 17 in Jersey on Sundays. Everything closes. We initially wanted to go to lunch in the Paramus Mall. But when I got there, I was eerily reminded of scenes from Dawn of The Dead (empty mall). Ah well, at least we were able to eventually find a place for lunch. I shared the news with my friends. It still kind of feels surreal.

September 25: Lucky me! I asked to go home. This stroke of fortune came about after I puked on my boss’s shoes. A bit splattered off the toilet seat. I would kind of feel bad but I already feel terrible. Blech.

October 1: NT Scan fail! The little one was completely uncooperative. We tried for about 30 minutes but the little guy/girl just wouldn’t get into the right position. I tried lying in different positions, coughing, bouncing my belly to the point where I almost puked on the technician but nothing. We DID see the little one wave a few times as if we were pestering him/ her, and at one point he/ she shook his/ her head as if to say “no.” What’s funny is that this happened just as the technician asked it to be nice and roll over. Awesome.

October 8: NT Scan success! It took a bit but the little guy/girl finally agreed and moved into the right position. All looks “perfect.” Woohoo!

What sucked was my boss being all bitchy before I left saying she didn’t understand why I had to schedule an appointment so close to the Gala. I told her that this is the last week to do an NT scan and because tomorrow would be worse and Wednesday was a no go. And the technician is not there on Thursdays and Fridays. I also told her that I tried doing this last week and the baby did not cooperate. I also told her that I made sure I got everything I needed done.

October 10: It’s over! The dreaded event is over and now I feel like sleeping.

October 15: Crap, after three-ish weeks of thinking I was in the clear the nausea comes back with a vengeance. On Saturday I spent most of my afternoon with my head in the toilet. And of course, my face once again looks like I have a bad rash. Some of you might recall from one of my last preggie posts, every time I puke, I get little red spots all over my face, when it's bad enough, it looks like I have red blotches that stick around for a few days. So yes, it is now Monday and I am still rocking enough makeup to make a drag queen proud. What hurts, is that the damn red spots still show through. Sigh...