Sunday, December 28, 2008

This Week

You know, I should be happy that this is going to be a short week, but I'm not. I still have to work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The worst part of it is that everyone else in my family has the stinking rest of the week off. AND my brother and Stella are having my niece, Olivia's birthday party on Friday. Grrr... That just makes me angry.

I mean, this is a job that has all but sucked every bit of energy and focus I have (and then some), yet they have no qualms about asking me to leave, and now I have to miss my niece and Goddaughter's birthday party because of them. Grrr... I mean, really! I can't wait to get the hell out of this place.

True Blood

I've started reading the Sookie Stackhouse Series. I like it. I'm on the second book and already about 3/4 of the way through. I started watching the show now. It's very interesting. They changed a few things up but I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. Sure the guy who plays Bill is nothing like I imagined but, he his accent is sexy as hell. Still... He's just not Edward. Sure Bill the vampire has a hell of a sexy edge to him, but it's just not the same. Sigh...

That's all I just wanted to share. Hopefully by now the e[isode I'm trying to watch has been downloaded. Here's hoping.

Monday, December 22, 2008


I feel like I should be wearing some kind of furry item, wearing smeared blood on my face, or deep red makeup and roaring atop a mountain. Perhaps blowing some kind of horn... I don't know...

All I do know is this, I went into the Columbus Circle Mall, I fought the crowds and I won. I finally got my Mommy a gift.

It was almost like divine inspiration. Well, no, I almost got run over by a cab, but I was inspired none the less. The cab had some kind of ad on it's roof top with a model holding a makeup brush to her face. That's when it hit me. My Mom has been looking for a nice set of makeup brushes. So I turned around and hit Sephora. I got her a nice-sized set of brushes and a gift certificate since I couldn't decide the colors I wanted to get her.

Getting around the store to find things, that was the tough part. Thank goodness I had some help. One of the very gay workers (his everyday, work makeup put mine to shame) saved me. He fluttered over-I'm not kidding the dude was just about fluttering around the store- and asked me if I needed help. I explained what I was looking for and within a few minutes he fluttered away and came back with a few options. Amazing. I have no idea how he maneuvered through the store as tightly packed as it was. Then, he put me on the line. We spoke about colors and other additions to go with the set. All the while he would flutter off and bring something back for me to consider. After we got no where with colors or eyeshadow sets he agreed with me that the best alternative is to get a GC. By that time, I was pretty much at the front of the line. God bless that pretty gay boy. Sure his eyebrow arches and impecable blush application made me really jelous, but had it not been for him, I may have still been waiting on that line.

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time?

About this time every year, I get a little, I don’t know sentimental, I suppose. I can’t help but thinking back over the closing year and think about the significant events, etc. This year, things are a little different. This year, along with the normal thoughts, I’m also caught up with thinking about the future. More importantly, what I need to do from this point forward. Thoughts about saving for a home, thinking about where we’d like that home, kids… It’s a little overwhelming.

To make matters worse, I just realized that we are two days away from Christmas and I still haven’t gotten anything for my Mom. I feel like the world’s worst daughter. Perhaps I’ll hit the stores again after work. I mean for God’s sake, I should be able to find SOMETHING in a city like New York, right?

Damn it! This is exactly why I like having all my shopping done in November. This is the first time in I don’t know how long, that I have gotten this close to Christmas without finishing. I mean, sure, I had a very good reason for not being able to go shopping till now, but it still doesn’t feel right.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thoughts Brought Out By The Snow

I can't help it. Perhaps it was the way I could totally relate to the kid, or perhaps it's that he made me laugh my ass off. But when I actually decided to take a break from work, a flood of these comics came rushing back. These were just some of my favorites.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wedding Photo

Looky see, I actually do polish up. :)

Oh, and in case you want to see more you can go to

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let It Snow. Let It Snow. Let It Snow

Worried as I am about Aaron having to be working in the sloppy mess that will become of the city streets, I can't help it, I'm psyched that it's snowing.

It looks so pretty out there. I'm just happy I don't have to go out into that crap.

My Fingers Are Starting to Hurt

I have spent most of the day searching, posting and sending out resumes to job postings. It's geting to the point that my fingers are starting to hurt. I can still type at my normal pace but I am not sure if my fingers are going to be able to straighten out for a while.

But it's all good. I have reached out to quite a few people already and still have more to go. Let's keep our finger crossed that something does indeed pan out. That would really be great. Sigh...

No Water and We Have to Poo.

Yeah, I'm not even trying to be creative with that title line. That pretty much sums up the whole day so far. I woke up, cleaned a bit. I took my car out to get the inspection done, I come back, go to wash my hands and nothing. No water. Apparently they're working on the plumbing and had to turn the water off. Apparently I didn't see the damn memo or I would have made preparations.

So we already went down to the store to get gallons of water a few hours ago and they were almost sold out. The problem is, that was a few hours ago and now we have to poo and the stores are very likely tapped out by now. Pee we can deal with, but the other... well, that's a different story. Grrr...

Aren't you glad I decided to share? :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just Because

Don't know why, but I had Edward on the brain all day long today. Specifically the second part of one of my favorite quotes from the whole series...

"I'll be back so soon you won't have time to miss me. Look after my heart-I've left it with you."


What to do? What to do?

So I've started looking for jobs. In case I happen to get EXTREMELY lucky and actually land a job within the next few weeks, I am going to take the money and run.

The tircky part if actually getting a job. So if anyone out there is good at putting resumes together and would like to have a look at mine to give me suggestions, please let me know.

OR if you know someone who may know someone else who is looking to hire a publicist or PR specialist, let me know. I'd like to stay in NYC but am willing to travel out a bit.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I NEEDED to share this. Wow is all I have to say.


Only A Mild Wallet Raping

My car repairs are done. The verdict: a temperature sensor, an idle valve and an engine mount. I also had him throw on new wipers and an oil change. Total: $450. Not bad at all.

I really thought I was going to be staring down a really bad bill but luckily; the issues with my car were kind of minor. Huzzah! The other cool thing is that despite the horrific squeaking from time to time, the breaks are in “very good” condition. They are just dirty. Once again, huzzah!


So I got a buyout package from work today. Basically, it’s an offer to pay me to leave my job. The thing is, this is voluntary. So now I’m not sure what to do. I have yet to look over the package more carefully and make up my mind. But I also spoke with the new director and got the distinct impression that he doesn’t want either Grace (who also got one) or myself to leave. In fact, he was talking about what he wants us to do in the future and the direction he wants us to go in after the New Year.

He actually reminded me that this is an optional thing and should make my decision based on where I feel I am in the place and if I felt I wanted to stay, that I was more than welcome to do so. It’s not so much of an option for those whose positions are being eliminated or those who have gotten poor performance reviews. Thankfully, I don’t fall into either one of these categories.

I actually don’t think I have much of a choice here. I am in no way in the position to take some money and run since I just got married and really need to be employed. Then there’s the fact that the economy currently sucks ass and the jobless rate has climbed significantly over the last few weeks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Working Hours

I soooo can’t wait to leave work today. I’ll be picking up Christmas lights for the tree and perhaps getting them on. More importantly, however, I’ll get to see Aaron. I haven’t seen him since Monday. We’ve both been home, it’s just that since he I had to drop my car off at the mechanic yesterday and he had to pick his friend up at the airport, we pretty much missed each other at home. In fact I didn’t see anyone but the cat yesterday. There’s evidence that people were home, I just didn’t see them.

Actually, Aaron said he’s been toying with the idea of switching his tour hours. I really hope he does. It would be nice to have him be home when I am. Not to mention, he can actually have a life outside of work.

A Christmas Story

This artilce made my day and made me really happy that we're in full swing of the holiday season.

'Ralphies,' leg lamp fans keep film thriving

Enjoy everyone and remember to watch out for killer icicles be careful when playing with your air rifle, "You'll shoot your eye out kid."

Monday, December 8, 2008

Slyly Twilighted Tree

I am so excited. I have my tree up. It's fake and it doens't have ornaments or lights on it yet. But my Mom gave me her apple ornaments. Yaaaaay! So other than the two that I still have to paint with the Edward quotes, the tree will actually have a lot of Twilight related stuff on it, but obvious. I love it..or will love it.

Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up lights tomorrow and get those on. If the cat does't kill my stuff, it'll be a miracle. That's really the reason I decided to put it up before actually putitng anything on the tree. I think it would be waaaaaay too tempting to have a new BIG object in the livingroom with twikling lights and shiny ball-like things dangling from it.

"Check Engine" light

I finally got to the bottom of the ominous idiot light that went on over the weekend. Apparently an issue I had with my car returned. The fuel injector went a few years ago and I had to have it replaced with a refurbished piece. It finally died. Luckily the car was kind enough to crap out while I was at my parents in a parking spot. Now tomorrow, I have to figure out a way to keep my foot on the gas pedal and try to not stall out in the middle of the street. Luckily my mechanic is not far away and I should be able to have my parents following behind me.

Grr... just when I thought it was safe to start eliminating bills. Sigh... bastard...


Okay so now that the recipients of the ornaments have received them, I can talk about them.

The reason I was covered in glitter and paint was because I was making ornaments for Cathy, Michele, Vizma and a Twilight mom (secret santa). I had to resort to getting creative this year. (Normally, I get creative with purchases--out of laziness). But since we just pretty much tapped out our bank accounts, I went this route.

I decided since we are all head-over-heels for Edward Cullen, I'd go with a Twilight theme. I was originally going to make a stained glass pieces but I couldn't find my soldering gun. But yes, I painted apples on clear glasss ball ornaments and put some of the most memorable quotes on the opposite side. Then I got creative with the fillers (enter the glitter, confetti, etc.). Now I have to decorate the two remaining ornaments for myself.

Annoying as the clean up was, it reminded me about how much fun doing stuff like this is. :) I still don't know why I got so damn lazy.

Nifty Article.

I like this article. So I decided to share.

A Bit Long in the Tooth
Hollywood found new blood with 'Twilight,' but the vampire metaphor is positively deathless.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Snoopy vs. The Red Barron

I just heard this on the radio today.

It totally made my day. Now I feel like it's Chirstmas.

Snoopy vs. The Red Barron

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Painting, painting, painting...

Good lord. I would love to say that the painting project has finally come to an end but it hasn't. I still have the closet doors for our bedroom. But then after that, I am going to have to repaint the inside. The insides now look all dingy. Ah well, perhaps one day. After I get all the paint out of my hair, that is.

Random thought of the day: I don't think I can ever get over the fact that Aaron's friends are still talking about and drooling over my aunt. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

Creativity sets in

I love it. I am covered in paint and glitter. And to top it all off, I have Edward Cullen quotes running through the wee noggin.

Earlier today Aaron and I put together a medicine cabinet (I have my own now since the one that was here was waaaay too small to fit everything). The onyl issue was that the area we picked out for it originally, was too small. Oops. Luckily my Dad was here and he helped make room. I love it. The construction goes on.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Super Toilet!

I've just spent the last few minute laughing my head off in the bathroom.

Okay, so most people know that I am not exactly in my right mind and occasionally things creep in there from out of no where. So as I mentioned earlier, I live with my husband and his brother until we have enough money set aside to purchase a mortgage on what will hopefully be our home before we die. This being the case, I have been fighting the good fight to break their bad habits and turn them from bachelors into humans :). So far, I'm winning, they are too afraid I will leave things like tampon boxes out or start screaming/ crying.

So yeah, in this seemingly impossible quest, I not only cleaned the bathroom to a state I can only call, immaculate, I went out and got one of those Lysol toilent, hangy thingies. The ones you hook onto the side of the bowl so that it can clean every time you flush. Yeah, those. I put the thingy in there and give it a test flush, then notice the main jet of water is right smack in front of the toilet. So I moved it over and gave it another test flush. The test went horribly wrong. The water didn't like the obstruction so it splashed all over the place. This is when I thought "Super Toilet! So. Much. Water.... Geh!"

This is a quote from one of my favorite contemporary cartoons, "The Fairly Odd Parents." There was an episode where the main character, Timmy, wishes for a spiffy new bike. Wanda and Cosmo, the fairy godparents, warn him against making any wishes for "super" anything and remind him of what happened when he wished for Super Toilet. At which point Cosmo yelps, and goes into the fetal position sucking his thumb and says, "So. Much. Water." So yes, all of these things combined made me crack up even though I was mopping up the water the toilet spit out all over the place. Thank goodness the bathroom was already super clean. :)

I moved the thingy over to the side.

Oh yes, and the non sequitur thought of the day: I just remembered how much I love the Pet Shop Boys version of "Always On My Mind." Just heard it on Yahoo Music.

Christmas is almost here

Huzzah. I got new Chirstmas coasters, dish towels, place mats, my cards and now I'm thinking of a way to rearrange the place to fit a tree in here. Yay getting giddy about it.

The only problem is, I just went food shopping and I have yet to find a place for everything and it's making me a little mad. It's amazing how little food storage space a man needs. I just don't get it.

10 Ways to Annoy Edward Cullen

Sadly, I didn't come up with this list. I saw it as an animated icon. But it made me laugh. Enjoy.

10 Ways to Annoy Edward Cullen

10. Sing “Discovery Channel” by the Bloodhound Gang in your head whenever he is near.
9. Hotwire his Volvo and take it on a joyride.
8. Tell him the relationship he is having with Bella is practically paedophilia and he could be sent to jail for it.
7. Ask how Tanya is.
6. End every argument with “Bite me, Edward.”
5. Call him Romeo both behind his back and to his face.
4. Whenever he complains or argues, reply with “What are you gonna do Edward? Go to Italy?”
3. Tell him his hair isn’t bronze, it’s ginger, and he should stop denying himself – he’s a ranga.
2. Whenever he leaves a room or says goodbye, get down on your knees and beg him not to go, not again.

And the Number One way to annoy Edward Cullen?

1. Take his silver cell phone and change the ringtone to “Like a Virgin” by Madonna.

Chibi Edward

Okay, this was too damn cute to not share. It's a Chibi Edward!

For those who are not familiar with anime or manga. Chibi roughly means little or baby. Shooooo cute!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

For the Twihards

So some of you may (or may not) be wondering how I know some things about Twilight such as when the Twilight convention is, acronyms such as OME and OCD, the fact that they will begin filming New Moon soon, and that all of the actors have already been signed on for it... well, I'm not a stalker. I'm a member of It's a site for all the Cullen obsessed who are over, say 20-years-old, married or not, moms or not. It's a lovely place where all the non teens can totally geek out.

Some of the Twilightmoms even have get togethers every now and then. A lot of us are also planning on hitting the theaters en masse on Dec 12, the original movie release date. Just because. :) In case anyone is up for taking their obsession a step further or want to actually have proof tht you haven't completely lost your mind because you are totally crushing hard on a fictional, teenaged (looking) vampire that sparkels, or if you grin or blush every time you see a shiny silver Volvo, join us!


Oh yeah, we even have a board for the Twidowers (Twilight Widowers) to help them cope or come to accept it all. :)

Keeping the kitty off the furniture

I just found out a wee bit ago that we're going to have some company over for the football fame. This is fine, except I had to tidy up faster than I anticipated and now, I have to sacrifice myself by keeping thekitty on my lap so that she doesn't go an get the couches all fur covered again. Once they get here is one thing, but I at least want them fur free until then. Sigh... Will she ever stop shedding?

Give a Cullen gift this holiday season

This is where I got my Cullen t-shirts (Team Cullen, and Cullen Baseball) since I became a Twihard. I thought I should share.


There's noting like the slap to reality after vacation

All week long we have been enjoying beautiful, warm weather. Only one of the days was really rainy (but still very nice). The temerature never really moved more than five degrees warmer or cooler than 85. The water was perfectly clear and somewhere in the 65-70 degrees range. And so the welcome back to New York weather was that much more of a shock to the system. We get back and it's in the 40's and drizzling. Now it's raining and just blech... But of course, I'm easing back into the normal swing of things. Aaron had to work last night. Poor thing.

So here's a litte rundown of my honeymoon (the clean version) and some of the things I learned.

Flying out of JFK sucked. We were delayed but luckily allowed for a lot of that nonsense.

When arriving in Puerto Rico look for the girls in bright orange t-shirts, they will hail cabs for you.

Also, get your calls and text messages out now, you won't have much reception to speak of in the Caribbean.

Got to the very pretty Serenade of the Seas. dropped our bags off with every intention of going back into San Juan for dinner. We never made it back out. Get your head out of the gutter. I meant that it was raining buckets. It's the end of the rainy season in Puerto Rico so they get daily evening rain. We then enjoyed our stateroom balcony.

When traveling on a cruise, I highly recommend getting a room with a blacony. I used to go with interior rooms to save on the cost, but you can scratch that; the cost is worth it.

St. Thomas in the morning was a bit of a shock. I'm not used to arriving at working docks. The docks I've been used to are the pretty ones, set up specifically for the cruise liners. Once you get past that, the place is very pretty and is the second best place for shopping and haggling. Aaron got me a really pretty necklace. I got him a very nice Movado watch. :)

St. Martin. The best place for shopping in the Caribbean. I wish I had known that the day before, but it's all good we got great deals anyway. One of the THE coolest things on Main Street in St. Maarten is The Yoda Guy store. There is a store run by the creator and designer of Yoda and his wife. This is the coolest store ever. The guy is now retired so he sells his paintings and sketches. You can even buy original storyboard sketches and script pages, if you're up to shelling out a few hundred, but the stuff there is so cool. We picked up a few thigns and had a very nice chat with his wife. He wasn't there since he had a dental emergency. We looked through the museum and took photos. (I will put these up as soon as I can.)

Antigua. Hmmm... we were going to do things there but the place was not so impressive. Luckily we found an nice corner and had lunch. If given the choice, skip Antigua. You won't be missing much. The best part of Antigua was the spa treatment we got ourselves on the ship.

St. Lucia. Oh, did I ever love this place. We went out from the captial city of Castries down to the Piton mountains and the volcano in Sufreiere. After that we hit the Diamond Botanical Garden. I can't even discribe it. The place is absolutely beautiful. But you pass osme of the biggest examples of disparity among the rich and poor you will ever see. In one of the fishing villages we passed, we saw these beautiful homes overlooking the bay and then along the water, there were essentially shanties, barely holding together. The people though, were extremely sweet. We got to see a local fisherman breaking down a swordfish he had litterally just caught and pulled off his boat.

The volcano I was talking about has vents all over the island. So every now and then you'll see steaming vents. The caldara itself if the twon of Sufriere. The western wall of the thing blew away, so you can actually drive into it. The lava flow is about a mile below the surface. When you do get is bubbling mud and water springs. Very cool to look at. It just smells like sulfer. They also have some pretty cool mineral springs. Unfortunately we didn't get to go into them. We need to go back.

The botanical garden was beautiful. It is in the middle of a rainforrest and in the center there is a really cool waterfall. I highly recommend it. At the end of the tour we had lunch at a mountain-top restaurant, overlooking Sufriere, the fishing village and its bay, the Pitons and the volcanic springs in the distance. Awesome!

Barbados was also incredibly beautiful. The people there are sweet as can be. We took a snorkeling tour- swim with turtles and shipwreck exploration. I actually ended up standing on a turtle. I didn't notice I was right next to the guy with the bag of food until I felt something coming up under my feet. When I looked into the water this huge turtle was directly under my feet, kind of pushing me out of the way with his shell. He turned looked at me and then went on his merry way to get to the food guy. So cute. The last stop of the tour was at one of the most perfect beaches ever. It is called Brown's Beach in Carslile Bay- teehee. I wondered if there was an Esmee Bay. We went back to it after the tour took us back to the ship. We have pictures! I layed out in the water, floating for what seemed like hours without really drifting away. There are barely any waves which also means that if you're still enough, little fish will come up to you to check you out. :)

Oh yes, going back to Twilight... the Cullens have taken over! From JFK to the ship (mostly on the ship), I saw at least a dozen different people reading one of the books in the series. I brought Breaking Dawn with me (I thought it was appropriate). On our last day, I spent time at the pool and ended up sitting next to a family that we had run into a few times during the trip. When I got my book out to read, the teeneaged daughter gasped and beamed at me when she asked which book in the series I was reading. I'm not kidding, the girl was actually beaming like I was one of the Jonas Brothers. She then pulled out New Moon. She was about half way through it. When they started the cruise, her mom was on New Moon, the girl started Twilight. She bruned through that and started NM as soon as her mom finished. At this point the father was about half way through Twilight. The mom looked bummed she was reading Wicked. She said she didn't think she would get through NM so quickly or she would have gotten Eclipse before they left. So there we sat, three people in a row, reading a book in the Twilight series. But it gets better. Later on, when I went to find a new seat in the sun, I noticed two women in the row behind us reading books in the series as well! Teehee. Yay Twihards!

Oh and the last lesson, avoid cruising at the end of the rainy/ hurricane season or bring Dramemine (sp?)! This was the rockiest cruise I have even been on (I've been on other and didn't feel a thing). We sailed around a few rain storms and wow! Aaron is gets motion sickness pretty badly and the stuff saved his vacation. Heck, even I had to take one on the fist night.

So that's about it. :) Now back to unpacking and getting back to real life... Booo....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I After All The Cleaning...

I now remember why I am not happy about living with a cat. I spent a good portion of last night's cleaning time trying to defur the couches and this morning I wake up and there are tufts of fur all over the place. Not loose strands of hair here and there, no, I'm talking about fluffy little tufts of fur she appears to have pulled off and left all over the couch. No where else, just the couches. I think the cat is trying to kill me.

Seriously, if anyone knows someone who wants a cat...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the Bride Demanded "More Drinking!"

Good lord, where do I even start?

Lets see, Friday:
Cathy and Michele came out to meet me at my place, we hit California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.
We got to the hotel (Glen Cove Mansion). I got a drink in the shower! And now I think that all showers should be accompanied by drinks. Kristen and her very, very blonde hair got there, then Vizma got there. Vizma spilled the beans! "So, just remember that Hunkmania, doesn't allow pictures inside," Ahahaha.

We met up with Terri, I got a new veil with multiple peni on it and I loved it. Once in the city, the drinking really started, that is, after spilling a chocolate martini all over Michele and myself. I felt really bad. But all was forgiven. I got a massage from a very nice young man who reminded me of Aaron, if Aaron were rock solid and had a six-pack that just doesn't quit. Yauwzahhh....

Then there was the hot seat. Aaaah the hot seat. Thanks to my girls, I looked like a scarecrow with dollar bills sticking out of every conceivable inch of me including between my teeth. Loves it. I got the "Mutha F-kin' P-I-M-P!" And dear lord this guy was huge! I mean, huge! No... not like that... I mean the dude was tall as all hell, trully V-shaped and glorious! I was hoisted about seven feet in the air. The things he was capable of doing should really be illegal, but thank goodness they aren't! Then there was more drinking, more drinking and more drinking! Oh wait, did I mention more drinking?

The best/creepiest part of the night had to go to the Asian ladies table. There was one lady who was about my Mom's age, she got a hot seat but she was wearing a dress. To top it all off, they had about three generations at the table and yes, there was a senior, giggling Asian lady there, gray hair and all and she seemed to be enjoying the place every bit as much as the rest of us. How's that for a "ewwww" moment?

We got a picture with all the guys, does anyone know what happened to the picture?

But yes, at the end of the night, me, the bride, demanded "more drinking." And I got my wish. We hit a bar with a red door and this is about where things get fuzzy. I remember random pretty Italian men coming by to congratulate me, more drinking, more random sweet men coming by to congratulate me, some more drinking and apparently a demand for a cigarette. I got mywish and things got REALLY fuzzy. After this point there are a few things that I think crept back into my mind. I remember there was a fence around garbage bins for the bar and I had a kung-Fu death grip on it and being bent forward. I had Kristen and Terri on either side to keep me from swaying too much in either direction. Then apparently everyone got to see that I had the Hawaiian pizza at California Pizza Kitchen earlier that day. Ewwww...

From this point I trully remember nothing. Somehow the grils got me through the maze of hallways that lead to the rooms. Ther ewas pizza ordered, someone tried paying us $50 for the pizza. I hugged a garbage can while sitting in a chair, that I fell asleep in. My nephew Danny came by to say hello to everyone in his feetie pj's. The next morning I wasn't quite hung over until we hit Dunkin' Donuts and the coffee smell made my stomach turn. I stayed outside.

Becca arrived and met us at the Red Rock Spa. We got massages, facials and mani/peds. It was a wonderfully relaxing time. The onyl bad thing is that the day after the wedding ym face began to peel like you wouldn't believe. I look like a lizzard.

The wedding day started off uneventful on my end although I woke up at 4:00 am without the need for my alarm (set for 5:00 am) or the wakeup call (set for 5:30 am). Apparently on the other side of the hotel, at 5:00 in the morning a smoke alarm went off and the whole wing had to be evacuated. This is the wing that Becca, Aaron, Aaron's sister, my parents, my aunt and cousin Baum, and a few others were in. Yikes.

We started drinking as soon as the girls showed up. Vizma, is THE woman. I would have been dead in the water had it not been for her. She ran the boxes of stuff over to the Swan Club and gtot us coffee and food from Dunkin' Dounuts.

After the morning beauty rituals of hair and makeup got done we hot-footed it over to the Swan Club. All was going well for me until my parents called me, pissed that they didn't know where they were going, even though I left them directions. They showed up late and so the ceremony ran late. But my Mom had some more drama because the safe where her jewelery was in got messed up and locked so the hotel had to open it for her. Then my Dad left the room and didn't leave her a key so she had a fun time trying to find him to get her clothes. All this is before they even got on the road, mind you.

Aaron onthe other hand had an eventful morning. Aside from being evacuated from the hotel, there was something about Daren getting naked and accosting him in the hotel room. Then when he got to his car, there was a huge-ass dent in his front quarterpanel. Not good at all. But he didn't maim anyone, he put it out of his mind (sort of) and made it to the Swan Club.

The ceremony itself was wonderful. Aaron was making me laugh and even stuck his tongue out at me. I held it together, although there were moments where I really almost lost it. Kristen told me the girls and a lot of the people in the place were not so stoic. :)

The photographer was too nice and I had to tell him what to do and set people up for him. Not bad, just annoying. We got the pictures done despite the fricking freezing cold. But it was nice overcast day so the lighting was perfect.

I got a wonderful surprise when my friends Josh showed up. He didn't think he was going to be able to make it so it was really wonderful to see him there even if it was only for a few minutes.

The reception was awesome. The staff at the Swan Club were just "good like that" and made the day run smoothly. The florist really came through and made the room look even more amazing than even I imagined. Derek who DJ-ed for us is the man! He even played The Time Warp and The Cure! How cool is that? We were even ableto coax Evan out on the dancefloor.

The after-party back at the hotel was really cool. We had many rounds of pool and drinks. I stuck to beer. It felt like an old-school raps party at some points with all the licking and flashing going on. Aaron called it an early night since he hadn't slept in many days. But a great time was had by all. By the time I called it a night, I was so tired I was barely able to stand.

The next day was a very low-key kind of day. Breakfast in the hotel with everyone. Then we had a chat with the hotel manager about Aaron's car, then we came home.

Since then we have been running around getting our stuff in order. I was sent to bed since I was pretty much comatose. Today was not much different. We have been running errands, getting to stores to pick up a few things we needed for the place. Despite falling alseep for about four hours in the middle of the day, I was actually pretty productive. I cleaned up around the place, tried my best to get the room back in some kind of order and even did some laundry. I feel so domesticated. :)

I'll have to hit Linnen's N Things for the closing sales and pick up a George Foreman Grill (if they still have any) and perhaps a few more unnecessary but useful tools for the kitchen. :) That's about it, now I'm going to get something to eat. It's amazing how little you can eat when you're barely awake.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I feel... sick.

I just dropped the most money ever in one day. There was the balance for $6,490 the reception. Then there was the $2700 for the florist. But wait, there is still more, I still haven't gotten to the photographer. That'll be another $1,900. Woohoo!

Like I said, bleeeeech...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Round One- List Wins

I had a funny feeling the list would win. It did. Aaron and I decided to step away from the list before it decides to maul us both.

It’s not so much that it’s difficult to actually get people situated at tables. It’s the people at the tables. We’re both racking our brains over who can sit where and how far apart people really have to be from each other. At least I kind of feel better knowing that there are as many crazies on his side as there are on mine.

Eh... Whaddaya gonna do? At least Top Chef is on and I for now I am a happy girl. That, and Aaron went out to hang out with the guys. I have the place to myself. Aaaahhhh.


Well apparently there were issues with the comment section... All fixed!
Danke Michele.

Every Day Should Have a Little Edward In It.

Ahhhh... there, that makes everything all better. Enjoy...

You have GOT to be kidding me

Why is it that when we are reaching the apex of happiness that God decides to fart on you?

Not that I normally can't just laugh it off and open the window a bit but, really, why?!

So yeah, all morning long I have been counting and recounting the people on the guest list and I seem to have mysetiously lost 10 people. This is slightly better than before I thought it was 12. Gech!

So yeah, I kinda SOL now. Loves it.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…

It’s 9:07 am and I have done everything I needed to do to wrap things up at work. Now all I have to do is get some breakfast and kill time till 2:30. I was going to wait till 3:00 but my boss, who isn’t here today told me she would call at 3:00 to make sure I had already left. That was sweet.

So yeah, I’m printing up a few things I’ll need for this weekend, I’m updating my “to do” list, I have my copy of “Eclipse” and so I’m ready to kill some time. Woo!

I still find this all kind of crazy. In only a matter of days I have changed my entire life. I’ve moved out of my parent’s place again, I am not living in sin with Aaron (for a few days) I’ve thrown out, consolidated and moved the bulk of all of my worldly possessions and I haven’t even gotten to the weekend yet. Cripe, call me Barack, I’m all about “Change.” Teehee!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holy Crow!

I just heard on the news that a mall in California was mobbed by a group of teen girls. Apparently a wee bit of a riot broke out and one had to be taken to the hospital. They were there because Rob Pattinson, aka Twilight's Edward Cullen was supposed to be making an appearance.

I can totally understand the crush, because I am totally there, but why start a riot? That's no way to get noticed by the latest big-screen hottie. Tisk, tisk, tisk... teenagers!

Ready? And....go!

Huzzah. Fresh space!