Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the Bride Demanded "More Drinking!"

Good lord, where do I even start?

Lets see, Friday:
Cathy and Michele came out to meet me at my place, we hit California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.
We got to the hotel (Glen Cove Mansion). I got a drink in the shower! And now I think that all showers should be accompanied by drinks. Kristen and her very, very blonde hair got there, then Vizma got there. Vizma spilled the beans! "So, just remember that Hunkmania, doesn't allow pictures inside," Ahahaha.

We met up with Terri, I got a new veil with multiple peni on it and I loved it. Once in the city, the drinking really started, that is, after spilling a chocolate martini all over Michele and myself. I felt really bad. But all was forgiven. I got a massage from a very nice young man who reminded me of Aaron, if Aaron were rock solid and had a six-pack that just doesn't quit. Yauwzahhh....

Then there was the hot seat. Aaaah the hot seat. Thanks to my girls, I looked like a scarecrow with dollar bills sticking out of every conceivable inch of me including between my teeth. Loves it. I got the "Mutha F-kin' P-I-M-P!" And dear lord this guy was huge! I mean, huge! No... not like that... I mean the dude was tall as all hell, trully V-shaped and glorious! I was hoisted about seven feet in the air. The things he was capable of doing should really be illegal, but thank goodness they aren't! Then there was more drinking, more drinking and more drinking! Oh wait, did I mention more drinking?

The best/creepiest part of the night had to go to the Asian ladies table. There was one lady who was about my Mom's age, she got a hot seat but she was wearing a dress. To top it all off, they had about three generations at the table and yes, there was a senior, giggling Asian lady there, gray hair and all and she seemed to be enjoying the place every bit as much as the rest of us. How's that for a "ewwww" moment?

We got a picture with all the guys, does anyone know what happened to the picture?

But yes, at the end of the night, me, the bride, demanded "more drinking." And I got my wish. We hit a bar with a red door and this is about where things get fuzzy. I remember random pretty Italian men coming by to congratulate me, more drinking, more random sweet men coming by to congratulate me, some more drinking and apparently a demand for a cigarette. I got mywish and things got REALLY fuzzy. After this point there are a few things that I think crept back into my mind. I remember there was a fence around garbage bins for the bar and I had a kung-Fu death grip on it and being bent forward. I had Kristen and Terri on either side to keep me from swaying too much in either direction. Then apparently everyone got to see that I had the Hawaiian pizza at California Pizza Kitchen earlier that day. Ewwww...

From this point I trully remember nothing. Somehow the grils got me through the maze of hallways that lead to the rooms. Ther ewas pizza ordered, someone tried paying us $50 for the pizza. I hugged a garbage can while sitting in a chair, that I fell asleep in. My nephew Danny came by to say hello to everyone in his feetie pj's. The next morning I wasn't quite hung over until we hit Dunkin' Donuts and the coffee smell made my stomach turn. I stayed outside.

Becca arrived and met us at the Red Rock Spa. We got massages, facials and mani/peds. It was a wonderfully relaxing time. The onyl bad thing is that the day after the wedding ym face began to peel like you wouldn't believe. I look like a lizzard.

The wedding day started off uneventful on my end although I woke up at 4:00 am without the need for my alarm (set for 5:00 am) or the wakeup call (set for 5:30 am). Apparently on the other side of the hotel, at 5:00 in the morning a smoke alarm went off and the whole wing had to be evacuated. This is the wing that Becca, Aaron, Aaron's sister, my parents, my aunt and cousin Baum, and a few others were in. Yikes.

We started drinking as soon as the girls showed up. Vizma, is THE woman. I would have been dead in the water had it not been for her. She ran the boxes of stuff over to the Swan Club and gtot us coffee and food from Dunkin' Dounuts.

After the morning beauty rituals of hair and makeup got done we hot-footed it over to the Swan Club. All was going well for me until my parents called me, pissed that they didn't know where they were going, even though I left them directions. They showed up late and so the ceremony ran late. But my Mom had some more drama because the safe where her jewelery was in got messed up and locked so the hotel had to open it for her. Then my Dad left the room and didn't leave her a key so she had a fun time trying to find him to get her clothes. All this is before they even got on the road, mind you.

Aaron onthe other hand had an eventful morning. Aside from being evacuated from the hotel, there was something about Daren getting naked and accosting him in the hotel room. Then when he got to his car, there was a huge-ass dent in his front quarterpanel. Not good at all. But he didn't maim anyone, he put it out of his mind (sort of) and made it to the Swan Club.

The ceremony itself was wonderful. Aaron was making me laugh and even stuck his tongue out at me. I held it together, although there were moments where I really almost lost it. Kristen told me the girls and a lot of the people in the place were not so stoic. :)

The photographer was too nice and I had to tell him what to do and set people up for him. Not bad, just annoying. We got the pictures done despite the fricking freezing cold. But it was nice overcast day so the lighting was perfect.

I got a wonderful surprise when my friends Josh showed up. He didn't think he was going to be able to make it so it was really wonderful to see him there even if it was only for a few minutes.

The reception was awesome. The staff at the Swan Club were just "good like that" and made the day run smoothly. The florist really came through and made the room look even more amazing than even I imagined. Derek who DJ-ed for us is the man! He even played The Time Warp and The Cure! How cool is that? We were even ableto coax Evan out on the dancefloor.

The after-party back at the hotel was really cool. We had many rounds of pool and drinks. I stuck to beer. It felt like an old-school raps party at some points with all the licking and flashing going on. Aaron called it an early night since he hadn't slept in many days. But a great time was had by all. By the time I called it a night, I was so tired I was barely able to stand.

The next day was a very low-key kind of day. Breakfast in the hotel with everyone. Then we had a chat with the hotel manager about Aaron's car, then we came home.

Since then we have been running around getting our stuff in order. I was sent to bed since I was pretty much comatose. Today was not much different. We have been running errands, getting to stores to pick up a few things we needed for the place. Despite falling alseep for about four hours in the middle of the day, I was actually pretty productive. I cleaned up around the place, tried my best to get the room back in some kind of order and even did some laundry. I feel so domesticated. :)

I'll have to hit Linnen's N Things for the closing sales and pick up a George Foreman Grill (if they still have any) and perhaps a few more unnecessary but useful tools for the kitchen. :) That's about it, now I'm going to get something to eat. It's amazing how little you can eat when you're barely awake.


Cathy said...

I think Chele has the photos from Friday, Nice recap of the weekend. Have lots of fun on the cruise & dont forget to have lots of fun (like that will be an issue!)

Chele76 said...

one word.



Chele76 said...

oh, and I have both the pics :) I'll scan them so everyone has an electronic version and I'll give the origionals back to you. I just have to hook up my scanner :)

Dizzy Vizzy said...

It was definitely a kick-ass weekend and I did enjoy myself! And you yourself rock - remember that! Hugs!