Thursday, June 14, 2012

So excited! I currently have several things in the works and they are all potentially fantastic. Now if I could only get around to the lingering boxes in the garage and the flower bed. Ah, then that would also make Aaron do a dance of joy, which really just makes me happy because he won’t have to bitch at me about them. Here’s the thing, I am not entirely sure if Aaron as a realistic understanding of how little time I have, even with my parents watching the little one during the day. I mean, I can’t even pee in peace when I get home. I am fairly convinced Baby Girl thinks the room converts to a magical land— along the lines of an amalgam of Narnia and the Wiggles World— once the door closes, and she MUST be in there with me. But back to my original point, I told Aaron that I would gladly take care of the damn boxes and everything else I have to do around the house when he is off and can watch the little one. But every single damn time I go to do something, he brings her right back to me within a half-hour, to an hour of starting anything. His rationale, “she wanted to be with you.” My repeated replies of, “so friggin what?!” aren’t received very well. He interprets that as me being grumpy. And damn yes I’m grumpy. I have to not only deal with him bitching about the stuff I’ve been putting off around the house, AND keeping the little one entertained and/or keeping her from running off into the street or playing with stuff in the garage that she shouldn’t be touching, I also have to then deal with him getting on my case about being grumpy. What the frick?! I can’t win. Anyhoo, I did actually intend to write about things making me happy lately—kinda vented a touch there, sorry. So yes, I started this post hinting that I’m actually in a good mood. And I am. I’ve just gone through two very good meetings. Hopefully one or both result in new possibilities for me. So keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Family and More

Holy smokes have we been busy! First, we had some family over. While, yes, we always have family visiting, these particular guests are special. These were the family members from Aaron’s Dad’s side of the family. They came in from around the country and although we actually gathered for a bit of a somber reason, Aunt Nedda’s stone unveiling, we were happy. It was actually the first time in about 14 years that Aaron got to see one of his half-brothers from Texas, and it was the first time a lot of them got to actually meet Baby Girl. As expected. The little one charmed the pants off of everyone she met and she even “asked” her uncle Azzy to hold her hand. I was so proud. It almost made me tear up. :) Of course the weeks leading up to the big family visit was chaotic. Aaron and I did our best to get things in order around the house. We burned through boxes from the move, stained the deck, brought over deck furniture, and gave the entire house a second thorough spring cleaning. We would have liked to have the back yard projects finished but the lawn guy blew us off a few times. But alas the family visit was entirely too short. The good thing is; we made a verbal agreement to try to get together on a yearly basis. I think prior to this visit, some people in the family were kind of hesitant to communicate, let alone get together. But if held to it, I think there’s hope for an honest-to-goodness close family tie. I know Aaron hopes that’s the case anyway. Since the baby was born making sure she knows where she comes from, and making sure she knows who her family is, has become important. Oh and while there are other big and exciting things I will eventually write about, there is one thing I am very happy to share now. Aaron and I have decided it’s time to get another pup. We’ve been looking around—wait, let me rephrase that, Aaron has been looking around at puppies. At first he said he’s just looking to see what’s out there… yadda, yadda, yadda... Next thing I know we’re driving around looking at dogs and yesterday we found an adorable little Pug that we just had to get. He’s a wee little thing but so darn cute! Aaron worked out the details today with the breeder, so in two weeks I will have a photo of the four legged little one.