Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad blogger. But in my defense, I have been on the verge of either tearing my hair out or ready to tell people to piss off, so really, the idea of sitting down at a computer screen after work would not have been a good thing for anyone involved. 

So here’s another one of my famous recaps. 

I am not at week 30. I have 69 (teehee- yes, I am giggling over something completely childish, but if you’re reading this, you already know I can’t help myself) days left to go till the new little one comes along.

What’s new?
It’s a boy!

So far everything has been going as smoothly as possible. I haven’t lost feeling in my hands like I did the last time around and the morning sickness actually seems to have dissipated when the books said it would. Woohoo! 

Ooh… this weekend, Aaron took me out for a weekend of relaxing… sort of. I relaxed at a spa all day on Sunday; he gambled and played in a tournament. I don’t mind, I was overdue for some R&R and my toenails were in terrible since I haven’t been able to reach them in weeks. The down side was that I missed the Baby Girl. She went to stay with my parents for the weekend. Yes, she can be a handful but she really is the center of our world. Well, for now.  

Work… work is work and the main source of my stress and aggravation lately so I will refrain from going there. 

The family. The family is… Well— One brother and his family just lost their long-time buddy and one of the best dogs I have ever known, Benny. I will also miss him greatly. Meanwhile my other brother is going through a rough time in his marriage and it will not likely end well. Luckily my parents are doing very well. They’re just kind of doing their own thing. 

My extended family is doing very well. We’re supposed to be having Aaron’s two half-brothers out to visit us in June.  Aaron’s siblings and the two half-brothers haven’t had a close relationship for years. But then their two aunts, on separate occasions, each asked me to make them a promise to make sure Aaron keeps in contact with the two from Texas and crazy me, I kept my promise. So now after many, many years the five siblings will actually be together for a week. Happy day.

So that is pretty much the bulk of it all lately. The whole work stuff would take up its own entry and quite honestly, I don’t think I have it in me to go into it all at the moment.


Monster in the Water!

Gah! It's a new lake monster!

First, Nessie, then Champ, now this one. Teehee... I can't help it, I love these. 

Russian Lake Monster Found!