Monday, December 1, 2008

Super Toilet!

I've just spent the last few minute laughing my head off in the bathroom.

Okay, so most people know that I am not exactly in my right mind and occasionally things creep in there from out of no where. So as I mentioned earlier, I live with my husband and his brother until we have enough money set aside to purchase a mortgage on what will hopefully be our home before we die. This being the case, I have been fighting the good fight to break their bad habits and turn them from bachelors into humans :). So far, I'm winning, they are too afraid I will leave things like tampon boxes out or start screaming/ crying.

So yeah, in this seemingly impossible quest, I not only cleaned the bathroom to a state I can only call, immaculate, I went out and got one of those Lysol toilent, hangy thingies. The ones you hook onto the side of the bowl so that it can clean every time you flush. Yeah, those. I put the thingy in there and give it a test flush, then notice the main jet of water is right smack in front of the toilet. So I moved it over and gave it another test flush. The test went horribly wrong. The water didn't like the obstruction so it splashed all over the place. This is when I thought "Super Toilet! So. Much. Water.... Geh!"

This is a quote from one of my favorite contemporary cartoons, "The Fairly Odd Parents." There was an episode where the main character, Timmy, wishes for a spiffy new bike. Wanda and Cosmo, the fairy godparents, warn him against making any wishes for "super" anything and remind him of what happened when he wished for Super Toilet. At which point Cosmo yelps, and goes into the fetal position sucking his thumb and says, "So. Much. Water." So yes, all of these things combined made me crack up even though I was mopping up the water the toilet spit out all over the place. Thank goodness the bathroom was already super clean. :)

I moved the thingy over to the side.

Oh yes, and the non sequitur thought of the day: I just remembered how much I love the Pet Shop Boys version of "Always On My Mind." Just heard it on Yahoo Music.


Cathy said...

Ha!! it paints a real picture wish I could have seen it :)

Dizzy Vizzy said...

LOL - beware the tampon boxes!! My brother actually bought them for his wife this weekebnd during our CVS trek - I was proud. One day, your hubby will go out and buy them for you. (maybe!)

And I love that song too!!