Monday, December 8, 2008


Okay so now that the recipients of the ornaments have received them, I can talk about them.

The reason I was covered in glitter and paint was because I was making ornaments for Cathy, Michele, Vizma and a Twilight mom (secret santa). I had to resort to getting creative this year. (Normally, I get creative with purchases--out of laziness). But since we just pretty much tapped out our bank accounts, I went this route.

I decided since we are all head-over-heels for Edward Cullen, I'd go with a Twilight theme. I was originally going to make a stained glass pieces but I couldn't find my soldering gun. But yes, I painted apples on clear glasss ball ornaments and put some of the most memorable quotes on the opposite side. Then I got creative with the fillers (enter the glitter, confetti, etc.). Now I have to decorate the two remaining ornaments for myself.

Annoying as the clean up was, it reminded me about how much fun doing stuff like this is. :) I still don't know why I got so damn lazy.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Yay for full of glittery goodness homemade ornaments!!! I smile whenever I walk past it!