Wednesday, October 17, 2012


The signs so far are pointing to this little one being a boy. I say this because so far, this is pretty completely different form the first time around.

For example, the last time I only battled “morning” sickness for about three-ish weeks in the beginning of the second trimester. This time around, I have been REALLY nauseated from about week six or so. I have been feeling moody as hell and all I want to do is sleep. Last time around, I wondered what I had heard all the other women complaining about. I felt perfectly happy and had enough energy to do just about anything. 

Then there’s the hunger/complete lack of hunger. On any given day, I go from feeling fine and not peckish in the slightest, to I am about to eat your face if you don’t hand over that cookie, NOW! It’s kind of scary, actually. I have to keep my purse stocked with extra food, just in case. Then of course, once I eat about three bites of something, I feel full to the point to discomfort. I try to keep small snacks around in an attempt to stay at a happy mid-point, but that hasn’t really worked.

So yeah, I am still guessing (and hoping) it’s a boy, but I won’t really get to find out for another few weeks. I should really start taking bets on this. :)