Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Feels Like Fall

Today feels like one of those glorious Fall days that remind me of just happy things like apple picking or walking across the UConn campus or the elementary school Halloween parades. I love it.

I can’t help it; I’ve always been big on the Fall. I love the happy crisp, but not too cold weather, the colors, and the smell apples and of cider doughnuts when you go apple picking. Oh and how can I forget the aroma of cinnamon that lingers on everything after banking. Ahhh… it’s like a giant hug.

So yes, if you’re wondering, I have already started coming up with ideas for decorating. My friend Marie told me she’s going to throw a Halloween party at her place and recruited me to help her decorate. Muuuuahahahahaaa. Yeeees! I told her about my skull candelabra and she wants one of her own. I’m also thinking of making flower holders out of plastic skeleton hands to place everywhere. I may go nutty and try to make a platter with the pedestal made of plastic bones or skulls, but it will depend entirely on what I can get my hands on and how crazy she wants me to go. She already has me working on designs for her Jack O’Lanterns. I’m so excited. I sketched out a few that she immediately loved but I think I can do better. Luckily I have several carving kits that can be used for the pumpkins. Now I just have to figure out how much dry ice I’m going to need for the other decorations.