Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why You Little...

I find it amazing that the moment someone shows that they aren't completely useless around computers, others will automatically assume you're the next Bill friggin' Gates.

At work, I do some of the updates and I fix a few things around to make them run smoothly. I wish I had never started this. Today I was referred to as the webmaster. WRONG! But the worst wa that while I was out sick yesterday a huge mound of work piled up that was all web-based and out of my capabilities. Had they actually spoken to the IT/ webmaster in the office, they would have gotten a lot of things straightened out and I wouldn't have had to freak the hell out while trying to catch up with the things I am actually responsible for.

There. Now that I've bitched and feel remotely better.

Today is the kind of day that I wish I could sit down and throw back a beer or two. Ah well, I suppose an herbal tea will have to do.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Hey so my mouse isn't working properly...kidding!! Perhaps popping in some seltzer in the herbal tea will give a pseudo beer fizz?