Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Mom The Hero

For the past two days I have been feeling like poop. No. Actually, it's been worse than that. I've been feeling outright green. Between feeling like someone strapped a space heater to me, the hearburn and upset stomach has been just insane. I've had a few days that have been good but then the last two days have been beyond anything I've felt so far. I haven't puked but I've been consistently on the verge.

Today I woke up and before I even got to the shower, I was gagging. I mean really, what the hell?

So yeah, I eventually took refuge at my parents. We took a quick trip to Homegoods and Costco. Then my Mom made me chicken and rice soup and kept super cold fruit coming my way when I needed it. I can't say how much I love my Mom during times like these. I mean, I love her to pieces anyway, but there are moments when I know the woman has a superhero cape tucked away somewhere.