Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello Mrs. Snippy-Pants

I’m assuming the hormones have me a touch on-edge. I’ve noticed lately that I keep losing my temper with people. I mean really losing it to the point where I find myself clenching my jaw and fists to keep from lashing out at people. I feel bad but so far I’ve been able to put up a good front. The only who really seems to notice is Aaron. When he sees this happening, he smartly pulls me away from the general area and finds a way to defuse my ass.

Unfortunately, he’s not there to do this while I’m at work. And of course, this has been where my temper has been flaring up the most. I know, I know, doesn’t that happen to most of us? Yes, but I’m mean even I felt like hissing at the phone when I was in the middle of writing up an e-mail earlier today. Then of course there was the co worker who came by to just say “hi.” I almost jumped down her throat. I felt awful afterwards but I was at least able to restrain myself, smile and say a quick hello. It gets a lot tougher when I get the stupid questions or get things back that don’t make sense. Good lord!

But yes, Aaron has really stepped up his game and has been incredibly helpful (he even helped me put on my socks the other day when I was having issues reaching my feet) and even keeled when I start losing it. Luckily, he’s also there to be my Pit Bull when it I’ve had a reason to be angry.
Inhale… Exhale…

Oh yes, and just because it's suits my mood today, and because the song is catchy as hell adn makes me smile... (enjoy)