Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Exciting

This is very exciting. Aaron and I found a house we really, really like and we put a bid on it. Unfortunately now, like with anxiety inducing milestones in life, reaching back to SAT scores, to hearing back from a potential employer, we’re holding our breath and waiting to hear back. I’ve no inkling about what we should expect to get back because apparently there are two other bids on the place. Sigh… I’m not sure my nails are long enough for this.

Another big thing that’s been on my mind has been the passing of Aaron’s aunt and my aunt’s current condition. My brothers and I decided to send my parents down to Florida to see her. It was a complete surprise for her and it put her in great spirits. She seemed really lively and beyond ecstatic. She even managed to eat and drink a few things and kept them down. My Mom even said color started coming back to her face.

I’m just excited that my aunt has gotten one of her wishes so far. She told everyone around her that she really wanted two things before passing. The first is to make it to her 70th birthday the second is to make it to see one last Christmas. I’ll be calling her today to wish her a happy 70th. I’m also happy that my parents were still there this morning to spend some time with her on this special day.

And lastly, the baby is still doing her thing. We have about 46 days to go. I’ve been keeping track of my Braxton Hicks contractions since I’ve been getting them fairly often. Not sure what this means, but I was told to keep track of them on a daily basis till my appointment next week. I suspect my doctor is trying to predict if the wee girl will be making an early appearance.


qrratugai said...

Hi, there! Interesting blog!

Sorry about your aunts; I wish them a peaceful time on earth! It's very kind of you and your siblings to have your parents visit your aunt (I read in another of your blog posts just now).


Cathy said...

Hiya B,

Fingers crossed on the house offer. So happy to hear that your folks could go down to FL to be with your aunt!

btw, I mailed out a little something for you today

Unknown said...

I'll also be keeping my fingers crossed about the house!! That is exciting!!