Monday, August 6, 2012

What The-What?!

File this under, "really?!": Last night my parents told me that they aren’t going to be able to watch Baby Girl— At all. They have a huge construction project going on at their place and they said they can’t keep coming down to watch the baby like they've been doing for months. So now, rather than putting Baby Girl in daycare next month, she’ll be going in next week. Awesome. I can’t even begin to say how this messes us up. But I can’t let this get me stressed out. I really have other things I need to focus on. One of the main things is getting the dog back on track with his training. Until Saturday, we were doing really well with the training. Then Aaron had to come and completely mess things up. I went out on Saturday (late morning to midafternoon) and asked him to make sure to take him out before he goes to bed (noon-ish). What does he do? Ignores what I asked him to do. So the poor dog pooped and peed all over his bed, inside his crate. This pissed me off because now the damn dog thinks doing his business inside his crate is okay. F**K me! Aaron, of course didn’t think that would be the case and wondered why I was so mad. That is, until he started ‘going’ inside his crate again. Hu-f***ing-zah! So now we’re back at square one with having to take him out every three hours till he gets back into the swing of things. Once again, Aaron doesn’t think it’ll be hard. No, of course not. That’s because he’s not the one doing the training. I am. He just comes home, maybe takes him out for like, five minutes. Then tells me, “he didn’t do anything,” or “I can’t get him to ‘go’ outside” and puts him back in his crate. Oh wait, it gets better, he outright doesn’t bother to take the dog out if it’s raining. The jerk actually purposely let him go on his pad inside, rather than once again— adhere to my strict orders on when to take him out— because it was raining outside. WHAT?! Meanwhile, I’m once again getting mad because this sets him back some more. Tell him that the rain isn’t going to mean he won’t have to go to the bathroom. I swear, sometimes it’s like I am living with another child. Oh and don’t even get me started on the behavior. He completely lets the dog get away with anything. I constantly correct behavior and am left wondering why nothing seems to stick. Case in point, he just lets the dog nip at feet and pant legs. This doesn’t fly with me. He also lets the dog take the lead during walks. Nope. I absolutely keep him at my side (side holding the leash) and keep the leash short to keep him from taking over. I know what you’re thinking, I sound a little militant with the training. And you would be dead on. I am strict. I would much rather be strict now than have to train a dog out of bad habits. Sigh... I swear sometimes, I just want to tell people to piss off so that I can cuddle with Baby Girl on the couch and watch Peppa Pig.