Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Gift Rocks!

I'm so excited. My Dad's birthday was the other day and it took me about, oh, say three weeks for me to figure out what I wanted to get him. For the past few years we've gotten him gifts that are somewhat ho-hum. Gift certificates for Home Depot, Best Buy, movie ticket packs, etc. But the thing about him is that he really doesn't let us know what he wants and it's hard to get him a silly gift because he's just not into silly stuff. So on Friday, his birthday it finally came to me. I got him shoes.

I have a pair of slip on winter shoes. I love those things and they have lasted me for at least six years and they are my go to shoes during the cooler months. A few years ago I got a similar pair for my Mom for Christmas and she LOVES the things. So off I went. I scoured the mall for the right ones and finally I found them. When he opened them he didn't seem too sure. Then he put the things on. He loved them! He said they felt like slippers.

He's been wearing them every day since Friday while he's not working. He keeps commenting on how much he really likes the fit and the feel of the shoes. Yay for last minute inspiration!

The problem now is figuring out what to get him for Christmas and for his next birthday. He really is a tough man to shop for.