Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Quite The End

Today's interviews went great. The problem is that the CEO wasn't available. He got caught by the snow in Baltimore. So now I'm supposed to do one last, last interview with them before I get to hear if I got the job or not.

The way I look at it is, I get more time to prepare. Which really isn't a bad thing.

I just wish I hadn't worn my best suit today. I looked great. The hair cooperated, the makeup went on without a hitch and stayed the way I wanted it to look and the new blouse complemented everything nicely. Ah well. I suppose I'll just have to work some magic again next time. Sigh.


E. Van Lowe said...

You'll look just as great, and kill on the final interview. Then you will get the job, and we can all go out and get drunk.