Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hear Me Roar!!!!

I rule!

I love days like this. Today was one of those days that friggin fed the dragon lady. Going in, I knew it was a tough-ass day. I had a few very big things due and boy did I ever perform well. I got glowing reviews on all the pieces I submitted. My boss was pretty damn happy. Not to mention, I found yet another media hit (a prominent one too) that I hadn't expected. It came about as a result of my NY Times placement. Awesome!

For the last few days I had been sort of anxious to see how this day was going to turn out. Everything that was due today was originally due two weeks from today but because I am going to be out the last week in April and the big boss isn't going to be in next week, all of my deadlines got moved up significantly. So last night I as up reading up on an insane amount of material (not to mention, watching Idol and Glee). So this morning I was beat. It took about seven 12 oz. cups of coffee to animate my carcass for the day but hell, I worked it out. As it turned out I was super focused and productive like you wouldn't believe but best of all, my writing was just on point. What more could I ask for? Oh yeah, impressing the reps from the Washington, D.C. lobbying firm. Boo-yah!

So yeah, I've had nothing but ballsy songs blaring through my iPod from the moment all the madness (deliveries, prsentations, meeting and phone conferences) ended. to quote one of my favorite movie characters ever (Ash from Evil Dead), "Groovy."


Dizzy Vizzy said...


*snicker* my captcha is "rendstif"

April said...

I hope you don't mean LITERALLY seven cups of coffee. Holy bejesus! LOL