Friday, January 10, 2014

Yep. I’ve been a bad blogger. Whoops.

So to catch up… The Little Man was born on April 3 – a whole week ahead of schedule. Apparently he had his own plans. 

What has happened since then? I honestly don’t remember. There have been loads of things that I wanted to write about and I have dozens of drafts that I started but never managed to post. Meh. But today, I decided I would get back to getting my thoughts out there. 

So the biggest thing after the birth of the Little Man, I am back to searching for a new job. My current job welcomed me back after maternity leave with a 20 percent cut to my salary. Ouch. So that was pretty much the last straw. I can understand hurting financially, but we can’t lose our house. It’s time to look for bigger and better. 

The other big struggle for me has been the balancing act between the things I can and need to do around the house. As much as I try I am still not quite getting the hang of this being a mommy to two little ones. I always feel like I have to either pay attention to them and leave the house in shambles or leave the Baby Girl to do her thing and let Little Man cry it out.

Sure Aaron helps, but there is only so much he can do. Unless it’s one of his days off, he pretty much has enough time to pick up the little ones, feeds them, eats dinner, then gets ready to head out to work. 

Heck, I am surprised the holidays came together as well as they did. Now I’m trying to get ready for Baby Girl’s third birthday. Totally threw together invitations for the kiddos at daycare and don’t even ask me what we’re getting her. I have no idea yet and her birthday is on Sunday. Yay bad Mommy!


Cathy said...

You are busy!! Its ok with Little Girl, you can get her some toys/Barbie (if she has started that) and or a movie and I am sure she will be a happy camper!

Moronke O. said...

Congrats and thanks to GOD for the bundle of joy. I hope you get a raise soon.