Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh, Guess Who's Cooking Tonight

You got it. As it turns out, I think I have the flu. I have a mild fever but my entire body hurts. I mean even my hair is achy. So Aaron is going to have to cook on his own while I gently shout out orders. This should be fun. No I mean it, I think I'm too delirious at this point to get annoyed or snippy. Granted, he may walk into work with a Thai noodle cake with pineapples and a toffee topping with a lovely red wine reduction but hey it'll at least make people laugh.

And yes, I have every intention to go to the doctor tomorrow if this keeps up. I should have gone today but I really didn't want to go outside. I went out yesterday to purchase noodles and ended up toy shopping with my Mom. I was cranky as hell and tired. I swear I almost threw a child worthy, nuclear fit in the store. I so wanted to go home. So yes, after yesterday's shenanigans, I think I will be staying frimly plated in my home. Damn it.