Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 12 Pains of Christmas

This makes me laugh every single year. Tonight my personal favorite is number four, the card man. "Yo, ho! Sending Christmas cards," and "Oh, I don't even know half these people." I honestly thought about saying screw it, I'm not sending them this year.

Here you go:

Now I know this clearly isn't the original video but it's one of the few that give you the lyrics. Besides, it's funny.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

LOVE this song!!! (as well as the 12 Druken Days of Christmas)

BeeOhVee said...

OOH yes!

Nine, mar, mar, my, my, my My eyes have seen the gory of ther whjggtyuuf... NINE MARGARITAS!

Cathy said...

What we have NO extension cords?!!!

Now why the hell are they blinking?

One light goes out, they all go out.

Rigging up the lights has always been my favorite! Reminds me of family gatherings.

Thanks for the laughs

BeeOhVee said...

I did the lights at my parents on Thursday adn Friday and of course, I ran into many of the light man's issues. One light went out after I got them all up, I went to switch it and a whole section went off, never to come back on again. All of Thursday afternoon I had the lines from the light man running through my head. At least it kept me smiling and laughing as I froze out there.

"If you're such a genius, you put up the stinkin' lights!"