Sunday, February 7, 2010

Skiing, The City and Having the Place to Myself

This has been one of those really good and relaxing weekends that make me just smile.

I hit the slopes with Michele on Friday and discovered the joy that is the banked turn course. So much fun. But to top it all off, I woke up blessedly almost pain free. I was expecting to be sore all over but the only thing I felt were the little spots on the insides of my ankles (where the boot was rubbing).

Then yesterday, Aaron and I spent time with our friends Tom and Marie. It was Marie's birthday so we went out to the city for dinner. We hit a really nice place called Porter House in the Time Warner Center across the street from where I used to work. It reminded me of why I liked the area so much. Ah well. For dinner I had one of the best duck dishes I have ever had. Afterwards we went out for drinks and saw a set from Aaron's old band. At the risk of sounding completely biased, I prefer Aaron's singing. I know. I know. You'd expect me to say that. But really. The new guy's voice is really high and nasally, so after a bit it really gets annoying. After a set we decided to bail adn came back to our palce for coffee and Wii.

Today, I have the place to myself. Aaron left about an hour ago to go to a Superbowl party. I would have gone, but decided to skip it. I have the interview tomorrow and I really didn't want to stay up long. Had I gone, I would have had to make Aaron leave even earlier than he has to (he has to work) or his friends would have had to get me home, but also leave really early. It's all good though. There are chili cheese dogs, a beer chips, salsa and an assortment of cheese to keep me company while I watch the game and Puppy Bowl. I'm all good.

Yeah tomorrow's the big day. The final interview. I'm pretty much ready. I've got all my notes together and I've done my reading up on the people I'm meeting with. I picked up a new blouse and I'll be touching up my nails in a little bit. All that's left is a good night's sleep.

Wish me luck.