Friday, July 9, 2010


So after a few shitteous weeks things have started to calm down a bit. Work life and getting stuff done at home has left me pretty much wiped out to the point where the ide of getting back on a computer in the evening actually made me feel a little sick.

Eh, whadda ya gonna do?

So here is a quick, quick recap.

Aaron, has been telling me he's going to try to help out around the house some more.
while I appreciate the sentiment, I'll be happier when I see it.

I've been feeling as sleepy as a teenager in homeroom.

I'm getting huge. Well, I feel it anyway. I'm stll pretty bloated and today, I actually had issues reaching my shoes to take them off.

The wee one, peanut, or "THE FETUS" is happily doing its thing. We went for a sonogram (well it was an appointment to take blood but who cares about that)and as soon as they turned the screen for me to see, the wee one started doing a little jig. It was really odd. The fact that something is apparently performing on command inside me is just trippy.

I think that once we actually get a house, I may have to look into house cleaning services.