Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glucose Tolerance Test

Today started nice and early. I had a 7:15 am appointment to have a glucose test done. Basically, they're testing to make sure I'm doing okay and to check for gestational diabetes. The sugar drink they had me drink to prepare for this thing tasted like the quarter drinks from when I was a kid but with a few extra teaspoons of sugar added. If you know the ones I’m talking about, you know just how sweet those are to begin with.

Anyhoo, the nurse today was awesome. I hate needles. No, really, let me state that again. I HATE NEEDLES. I used to give blood regularly because it was the right thing to do, but when it comes down to it, I cannot stand the things and pretty much have to cringe and look away. I’ll openly admit it; I’m a big baby when it comes to them. But I digress. The nurse today drew blood and I hardly felt a darn thing. I had to tell her that that was the most painless and fastest I’ve ever had blood drawn. She took out to vials. I was really impressed. I may have to go back in the mornings if I have to get blood drawn again. Like I said, she was awesome.

So yes, I was supposed to get my flu shot today but I may have to hold off on it for a little longer. I’m starting to feel the all too familiar itch that signals the start of a sinus infection. I was asked how I knew and I told them that because my allergies are so bad, I get them at least once a year. Ah well. The nurse wholeheartedly agreed with me. So I’ll have to call them back and try to schedule it for when I’m feeling better. Yay. More needles. Sigh.

Oh yeah, my doctor didn’t give me crap about my weight this time around. I was only up two pounds from the last time. I told him that I cut out a lot of my favorite juices, cut back drastically on my apples, added more vegetarian meals to the week and I started walking a bit more while I still can. He seemed pretty pleased and told me to keep it up. So yaaay! Hopefully at this rate, I won’t end up feeling like a big, round cow. Although Aaron’s convinced the baby’s going follow suit with the other babies in my family and come out huge. I’m talking the smallest one was Munchkin #6 and she was seven pounds-ish, almost eight. All the others were damn near close to 10 lbs.

So now all I have to do is make it to our childbirth class and try to not pass out during the thing. At this rate, I’m not sure how well that’ll work out.


Cathy said...

wow, your family has big babies- sounds like you are on a great track though with the fruit, veggies & exercise.

Hope your sinus infection won't throw you off too bad.

BeeOhVee said...

Thank you. :)

As far as the sincus infection, I'm fighting it. Been drinking tons of water and hot tea with honey. It's helping but the down side is that I've been going to the bathroom like a racehorse!

But yeah, I'm still productive at work so it hasn't really hit yet. I'm just hoping it'll hold till the weekend. I have waaaay too much crap to do at work.