Monday, January 3, 2011

Preggo Rant

Pregnancy so far, has been pretty pleasant. Sure there have been moments that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone, particularly the random vomiting for no good reason at the beginning or the odd bodily aches. But now that I’m pretty much at the end of the pregnancy, I’m finding that along with the unpleasant swelling in my hands and feet, I’m also becoming mighty short tempered. I mean, really short tempered. Like, fully believing that flinging a good sized or jagged rock at someone’s head is a perfectly reasonable way to make them leave you alone— kind of short tempered.

Case in point, a person who is not someone I report to has been sending me emails informing me of how to do my job. My initial thought was, “Go f*** yourself!” But I took a second and thought, perhaps they are just trying to be helpful and wish to send me a friendly reminder. I doubt it, but still… then I got subsequent emails with these so-called, “helpful reminders.” And of course, the more I received, the more violent my wishes for the rest of their day became.

Now, I hesitate to blame this solely on the preggo hormones. I’d say a lot of this also has to do with the lack of sleep I have been getting over the last few weeks. All the changes ranging from loosening of the ligaments, infinitesimal bladder capacity, carpal tunnel and, oh yes— new to the lineup— restless leg syndrome (yippee), I have slowly become an über cranky biotch with a diminished measure of self control. Imagine if you will a sleep deprived toddler with unlimited access to potentially dangerous objects (yes rocks, but also things like keyboards, computer screens, staplers, books, coffee mugs, phones, thumb tacks, big clips for TPS reports, etc.) and the knowledge of how to use them. :D

Meh. There is one nifty thing I’ve discovered; certain people aside, the bigger I get, the more people tend to stay out of my way. They also become a lot more forgiving when it comes to the total loss of control and temper. It’s actually kind of fun.

But yeah… That’s my little rant for the day.