Friday, April 13, 2012

Hurt So Good

So here I am, hurting all over but feeling damn good. As I mentioned in another post, I go tired of seeing my poor sneakers go unused and unloved. I also came to the realization that my tubby ass needs to slim down a touch. What's a girl to do? I got off the couch and dragged Aaron with me. Actually I came damn near close to having to use brute force to get Aaron out of the house. His excuse this time around was, "But I just woke up." My response to that was, "Well, you have to BE awake to run, so you're in good shape." He grumbled and tried following it up with, "You won't be able to keep up with me," and the "You won't be able to run the whole loop." I told him that I had no expectations to make it around and that seeing as how this is the first time I've gone running since before the pregnancy, I fully expected to run slowly. We ran around our neighborhood. Just one loop. Our neighborhood isn't that large but it is full of hills. I stopped a few times but not because I was tired, I had to stop and stretch. I also realized that this was my first time working out since the calf muscle tear. Overall, yep, I'm out of shape but it's not exactly a surprise. Yesterday, I had a very rare day alone. Aaron went fishing during the day and had to work so he stayed at his brother's. My parents took the little one to their house for the night so I was on my own. Did I sleep? Nope. I decided to break out the Insanity Program DVD and start that bitch up. Day one, fit test. I did fairly well. Some movements were a laugh and I almost fell over, but I actually did better than I anticipated. With the stories Aaron was telling me about his coworkers vomiting after the workout, I was a little concerned. I pushed myself pretty hard and it did take a good hour before I could actually move again, but no vomiting. Then I felt the high and decided, nah, I haven't done enough. So I dropped to the floor and did four sets of 30 scissor crunches while making dinner. I would have attempted pushups too but my arms actually gave out. I went to bed feeling really good. By morning, however, not so much. I planned on going running in the morning but the Advil didn't kick in fast enough. Ah well. Perhaps later.