Friday, April 3, 2009

The Ailing Duo

You know how people start looking alike when they've been together for a long time? Well, Aaron and I aren't starting to look alike but we are starting to fall apart together. For the past few days Aaron and I have not been doing so well, he has been awfully grumpy because he had a doctor's appointment and had to be on a liquid diet. I on the other hand have been in pain. Apparently a while ago, I really messed up my foot while wearing bitch-heels (really cool looking but tall-ass heeled shoes that shouldn't really be worn if you intend to actually stand). I recall the ball of my left foot and the toe hurting like a mother, but then the pain went away and came back and so it went for a few months. The other day, after a nice long run, I accidentally stepped on it in just the right way and I fell over in tears. My doctor thinks I may have fractured it. Yaaaaay.

I got X-rays on both feet today, and I should know what I did to myself by Monday. But wait, it's not over. Since Aaron is on a silly HMO insurance (we are so switching the first chance we get), I decided to talk to my doctor about a few moles that I have been keeping tabs on. He didn't like the looks of one of them, so next week, I get to go to the dermatologist so she or he can basically stare at me and make me feel uncomfortable as heck. Woohoo!