Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fighting, Running and Food (ie, Getting Past Things)

Like most people, Aaron and I only really fight when it comes to differing opinions on money. Because my finances have been in turmoil for the past few months, I have lost control a bit. I'm normally a lot better about where my money goes and how much is owed. But since I have been meaning on paying off certain bills once my buyout money comes in, I haven't really paid much attention to that. This has been driving Aaron batty. He is a lot more of a type-A person than I ever could be when it comes to money, so the fact that I have honestly forgotten how much is left on my student loan (one of the bills marked for paying off), drove him nuts and he started getting snippy. The thing is when Aaron gets snippy with me when I feel its unwarranted, I get snippier. This of course escalates till we're all out yelling at each other. Yesterday got to the point where all I could really do is glare and growl. Then I told him to fuck off! We walked away from each other to simmer down.

After about two hours, I decided that I could either leave him in the bedroom to stew, or I could extend an olive branch. I offered to make him tea. He accepted it but not before apologizing for being a tool. He hasn't been smoking at all for about four days now so he's been extra short tempered. I could have inserted the fact that I went through the same thing not too long ago, but decided to not actually zone in on a person as a target, but decided against it. That would have just been stirring the pot for no good reason whatsoever.

Today, he grudgingly agreed to do something nice for me. Well, I really didn't give him much of a choice in the matter, but that's beside the point. Anyhoo, I made him go running with me. I pushed myself a little harder than I normally do. I don't know why, but I suspect somewhere in my head, some part of me wanted to get back at him for being a tool the day before. He tried keeping up and for the most part he did stay within a few steps behind me. But by the end he was just walking. He didn't feel so well and started feeling a bit of pain within a few hours. I felt bad. I made him a nice dinner including a potato salad minus the mayo (he hates mayo). It rocked. It was kind of my way of saying sorry, without actually saying anything. I think keeping the run confession restricted to here is probably for the best.