Thursday, April 23, 2009

"It's A Major Award!"

Well, not exactly "major" but it is an award. Thank you to Marathoner81.

The rules for this award are as follows:
1.) List 10 honest things about yourself
2) Pass it on to 7 cool people who embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

And so...

1.) I am a total Martha Stewart devotee and kinda want to be her when I grow up... Except for the, you know, being crazy and the whole going to jail bit.

2.) I fibbed to my husband about how many tea sets I have and that I am still picking up new sets every now and then. Don't know why I do it, I just do.

3.) I adore anything British, particularly their comedy.

4.) Given the choice, I would watch a B-Horror over your standard blockbuster flick any day. And of the B-Movies, George Romero, and old school Sam Rami and Peter Jackson are supreme. Gimme "Night of the Living Dead," "Evil Dead" (Any of the three in the series), "Bad Taste," "Brain Dead" or "Meet the Feebles" any ole day.

5.) I'm a total politics nerd, although I don't actually like to take sides. I'm more of a spectator and heckle all sides equally.

6.) When I say I'm a big geek, I mean it. I used to LARP. I played Vampire the Masquerade for about seven years and created two characters that I still adore. And I used to read comics and am still very much into manga and anime.

7.) I love all my shoes like children although there are a few in my closet that I have not worn since I tried them on in the store.

8.) In addition to tea sets, I have a small rubber duckie collection that I am currently working on expanding.

9.) I know the Rocky Horror Picture Show by heart (actual movie lines and the most common audience participation lines) and have lost count of the times I've actually seen it in a theater. The first time I watched it when I was 12 and immediately fell in love with Tim Curry. Once again, I'm not sure why, I just did.

10.) I ride a motorcycle. Well, when the thing is actually in working order. Which reminds me, I need to call my mechanic.


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marathoner81 said...

I love my shoes like children too!