Monday, April 6, 2009

"Tea and Sympathy"

I did a very bad thing today. I mean really bad thing and I'm lucky I know how to hide things well. Intrigued yet? Okay, I'll spill it. I went to the mall today and I treated myself to one item. I got myself the new body splash from Coach. I got the peony scent. Love it. Then I mean to only refill my tin of tea at Teavana. I ended up getting a full pound of the tea Aaron and I love, then I got a half pound of Chai and a half pound of an awesome peach something or the other. If you know anything about Teavana, you'll know that beside being really fresh and really friggin' nice tea, it's also expensive. I spent more than a C-note. I'm not going to say how much more than that because it hurts to think about. Oh yeah, I also got another set of tea cups. But they are really fargin' cute and they were on sale! This brought my total up, by the way... okay so it brought it up to two C's. Aaron will kill me if he finds out. Luckily he REALLY loves the tea and it has helped lower his cholesterol, so I can always just say, I'm doing this for his health... you know, as he's choking he life out of me.

I can't help myself though, I love tea. It's kind of like a closet obession. This is why I have so many damn tea sets. I told Aaron I got rid of some of them, but in reality, my Mom's just hanging on to them. I got rid of one set becuase it was one I got as a gift, but the quality was really bad and it altered the flavor of the tea. I love tea parties and I love sharing really good tea with people. If I had the space, I would so throw regular tea parties (I fully intend to do so once, Aaron and I own a home).

But yes, back to the leak in my wallet. After the tea shop I went to a beauty products store only meaning to buy one nail polish color since my Esse's "ballet slippers" color is tapped out. This should have set me back about $7. I'm not sure how, but I walked out with $75 worth of stuff!

I have decided that I am not spending another damn cent until Thursday, when I go food shopping. I'm not leaving home unless it's to go for a run or the gym. Well, perhaps if I have to go to the doctor's. Which I may have to do soon. I still don't know what the hell is wrong with my foot. They were supposed to have gotten my X-rays back today, but they didn't. Ah well, I'll just keep popping my anti-inflammatory pills. Too bad they haven't done squat for the pain.


April said...

Can you take me shopping? LOL I haven't spent money like that in SO long...I'm jealous! ;-)

BeeOhVee said...

:) Yeah, I haven't spent money like that in a while either. I now remember why.