Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ah New Seasons

How happy am I? The Supernatural season premiere is on Sept 10! Can't wait! I adore this show. It's a show about well, supernatural events and is pretty funny without being completely cheesy. Love it.

And here are some of the other shows I'm looking forward to:
Glee on Sept 9.
Bones Sept. 17.
Heroes on Sept 21st.
House on Sept 21.
Lie To Me Sept. 28.
Ugly Betty on October 9th.

Oh yes, and just in case you haven't seen it, here's one of my favorite scenes from Supernatural... well, not from the show actually. Just enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the new show coming on before Supernatural? It's called Vampire Diaries. The books are pretty good so hopefully the show will be too.

BeeOhVee said...

I heard about it. I haven't read the books but I heard they're pretty good. I'm hoping to catch it then if I like the premise, I'll pick up the books. Thank you for the head's up.