Saturday, August 29, 2009

[His] Biological Clock Is Ticking Like This...

I love it... So yes, Aaron and I had a bit of a chat yesterday. Mind you, I'm probably not supposed to mention anything about it, so if and when you see him next, just keep it under your hat. Aaron and I talked miniature people yesterday. He wants one. He wants one soon. Well really, he's wanted one for oh, lets say, the last five years or so. Only problem then was that we weren't married and it's hard to raise a child when one or both of you have been killed my my parents. So now he has been itching to have one. But alas, I am sans job. This, however, doesn't seem to be a deterrent much longer.

Basically, he wants to return from our trip to Europe with a stowaway and kind of save the news for a bit and surprise my parents during the holidays. Which is fine with me. It's just so real!

I know, I know, hey guess what? It's real. But the though of it is a little daunting. I mean I would then actually be responsible for another whole person (to potentially two or more people- twins run in my family). Holy crap!

I know it may sounds a wee bit like panic, but well, yeah, it kind of is a little like panicking. I'm going to be someones Mom! Do I strike anyone as a Mom? I mean, okay there's the cooking and crafts thing, my unusually vast knowledge of cartoons and popular culture and the fact that I have the Mom reflex (I have caught things in mid-drop just by seeing it out of the corner of my eye- it's eerie). And the fact that I make sure we have anything and everything on hand that a kid could possibly want around the house, just in case the munchkins come over. But that's not the point... what I mean is, holy crap, I'm ready for it, but (and I know other people have asked the same thing, but still) what if I bollocks it all up? I can't just hit the magical "Redo" button.

See, it's not the whole pregnancy/ birth thing that freaks me out, it's the permanent stuff afterwards that kind of scares the living hell out of me. Am I normal? Should I even be worried about this stuff right now or am I doing one of my panicking for no good reason things, again?


Keri said...

oh SO NORMAL honey... Before we started... I thought "what if i teach him/her a new language... like teaching them that an orange was actually called a banana".

You will mess up, we all do, but being a mom is so incredible that those little mistakes are ok.

You'll do great and your kiddo will be lucky to have you guys as parents!

Cathy said...

B, that is a very normal reaction! You both are in a good place right now (yes, a job would be good, but not a do or die thing). You both are young and it would be ideal to have minitures in the next few years, this way you have the energy to keep up with them as they grow up :)
You are going to be an awesome mom, and Aaron is going to be a great dad.
I know my brother wasn't planning on his daughter right away, and he has had more than his share of mistakes and heachaches, but he is an amazing dad to his little princess.

Dizzy Vizzy said...

You will both be kickass parents!

And there would be something wrong with you if you were blasee about having a munchkin (huge responsibility and lots of work that is not to be taken lightly)!!

BeeOhVee said...

Sigh... Thank you for the comments letting me know I'm not completely cuckoo. It really does help. A lot. A whole lot.