Thursday, August 27, 2009


Today I went to the unemployment office to take a seminar on resume writing. I don't need to learn to write one up, I just wanted to see if I could get some tips on sprucing it up or making it a bit more eye catching.

Unfortunately, the seminar was for people who didn't have resumes and didn't know the first thing about them. I just wish I knew about this earlier.

But as I was waiting in the holding pen-like area all I could think of is that this place is like frickin' detention in high school. Everyone's there because something went wrong. They all have a slightly sour look on their faces, like they've been punished. Then every time someone new comes into the pen, everyone looks up to see who else got in trouble. But between the generic office dividers, worn office carpeting that smells kind of moldy and the cold fluorescent lighting the whole thing just had such a dismal feel. I know it's a government office, but this is a place that's supposed to give people home, no? Blech.

Oh, did I mention you couldn't eat or drink in there either? Yep, I came in with a full cup of coffee and it was confiscated at the door. I was sad.

So yes, a guy with a clipboard did a roll call and sprung us from detention. I couldn't help but notice that the people who remained, kind of looked a little crestfallen. They still had to wait.

Once inside the seninar, I swear the whole detention feeling didn't go away. They even had the hard, chair/desk combo deals! Good lord, all I needed was my biker jacket, black Doc Martin's and flannel button down tied around my waist and I would have completely regressed. Not to mention that not many people in the place knew what a resume was for.

I was the only one there with a resume and the only one who was not required to be there. Lord. So yes an hour later and nothing but boredom and the lingering hint of coffee on my breath, we were released. I learned nothing from the seminar, so I pulled the guy aside and asked him a few questions. He looked at it and told me I didn't have to be there. I could have just gone to one of the reps who work there. Grrr... Ah well.