Thursday, August 27, 2009

Stop It! Just, Stop It!

Why, oh why do Asian women drivers insist on perpetuating the damn bad driver stereotype? I'm not talking about the random, "oops" move or an intentional, road rage move. I'm talking about the whole, "what the...?" move.

On my way home from the Dept. of Labor office today (took a seminar), I saw one of the worst examples of bad driving and it was committed by a frickin' Asian woman! No girlie, no!

Here's what happened. Grand Concourse and 149th St. is probably one of the most hectic intersections in the Bronx, outside of say, anything off of Fordham Rd. But when there's construction the whole things turns into quite the clusterfuck. So there I was, heading toward GC on 149th. a whole section went from four lanes to two (one in each direction) I was heading toward the bottleneck and on the opposite side I saw this van (driven by a confused looking Asian woman) come out of the single lane and dart to the outside lane (no signal to speak of). THEN, the damn thing cuts across the inner lane, cutting the guy behind off so badly he had to jam on his breaks (I swear there was going to be a crash). The van then went into our lane (yep, into oncoming traffic) and ended up face to face with the car in front of me. Luckily I had at least a car length between my car and the guy in front who had to hit reverse. The van then goes to the next lane (still going in the opposite direction), making the guy next to me have to reverse. The the van did a huge U-turn. Everyone looked pissed and just astonished. The woman driving the van, none of this looked like it even phased her.

What hurts is, and I wish I were kidding, is that had she gone another ten feet she could have pulled a right onto the road frossing 149th and turned around on a pretty empty road. Sigh... I hate seeing things like that.