Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Gay Fish Strikes Again

If you're a fan of South Park you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The other night on the Video Music Awards Kanye West made a fool of himself for like, the third year in a row but this time he stole a moment from Taylor Swift who was in the middle of making her acceptance speech for her first Moon Man. She got another chance at making her speech later in the night when Beyonce was gracious enough to give up her time for Taylor.

Since then people have been expressing their thoughts on the incident and Kanye, including President Obama!

So here are my thoughts on the whole thing. The man is an goober with an overblown ego who seems to think that the world should revolve around him. He may be talented, true, but his attitude may end up overshadowing it completely if he's not careful. *plink. plink* There are my two cents.

On another note. The good folks at Comedy Central have a block of South Park on this evening. They're only showing the fish sticks (gay fish) episode. HA!


Anonymous said...

I think Kanye is a total asshat. They might need to shackle him to his seat at future award shows. lol