Monday, September 14, 2009

Keep Things Tidy And We Wont Have Issues

I swear it always seems like my two children (Aaron and Evan) are always the messiest on the days I clean. I'm talking about, minutes after I clean.

On Saturday I spent some time vaccuming and sweeping. I didn't want to spend my entire day cleaning so I saved the bathroom and steaming the floors for yesterday. I ran some errands and low and behold, I get back home and find dirt paths leading from the door to Evans room and to mine. Now, I made it a rule that if you enter the house, you take off your shoes. It's an old habit from my Mom's family, I can't help it, I'm Asian. Aaron wanted this rule enforced because we had the floors redone. Why then were there two sets of muddyish footprints? I screamed. Evan took it upon himself to clean since Aaron was asleep. I later almost flipped my lid again when the livingroom looked like a videogame store blew up. I began to clean but made it obvious that I was not going to finish by myself (I kept moving in the way of the TV and asking questions about where covers were, etc). They took over the cleaning.

Then yesterday comes along. First thing I did was clean the hell out of the bathroom--it wasn't dirty or anything, I just like to keep bathrooms and kitchens as immaculate as humanly possible-- and finish the floors. Minutes after I finish, Aaron comes home, takes off his shoes this time (the staredown could have had something to do with it) then heads into the bathroom. I walk in there to get something after he finished and immediately got really pissed off. He spilled mouthwash around the floor and just left it. I screamed. I understand that spills happen. Hell, they happen every day, but why leave them?!

So yeah. He cleaned up after himself, but I stil got the swiffer out and gave it a once over. Sigh... It's always worst on cleaning days, I swear.


Anonymous said...

Men are far worse than children. Mine is an absolute pig. Ugh!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

when I move into my own house will you come visit me on the weekends? And by visit I mean clean my house??? You're only 3 1/2 hours wouldn't be that bad of a drive. I promise to stay out of your way and not mess it up while you're there. Please?

BeeOhVee said...

:) OP- Your offer is almost tempting. Depending on how things go with this week's interviews, it may become even more so. :D

M- At least with children, you can use the, 'they don't know better' excuse, not so much with full grown men.