Saturday, September 19, 2009

Surviving a Kiddie Party

Today was Munchkin #3's birthday party. All four of the munchkins on my side were there as were a few other miniature people from the area. They were fine at first then by the end of the evening, they started getting a wee bit cranky. It wasn't so bad although I had to pull the "I'm an adult, I win" card a few times. I have to say, I hate using it, but damn is it effective in quashing arguments.

Only one kid gave me any kind of a real issue. He wasn't one of mine. Mine know that when Titi gets serious, she means business. Especially since I'm the first one to let them get away with a lot. The kid didn't listen to me when I went to take an item away that would cause nothing but trouble. He caused my coffee to spill when he yanked on the thing. I told him that he then HAD to get me a paper towel to clean. He responded with, "I don't have to do anything." I gave him one more chance. I told him, "This isn't your house and you are not being respectful to an adult. Do as I say or I'll take this to your parents." He ran. I thought he went to get me a paper towel. He booked and went to play outside. His older brother got me the paper towel when I called out to the kitchen to see where he was. I cleaned up and brought the situation to his parents. I hated doing it. But the one thing I can't stand is when people issue a warning to a kid and don't follow through. The kid ended up apologizing and I told him I didn't want to do it, but he left me no choice. We were cool after that. Still, I hate doing adult stuff like that.

Speaking of being an adult, I have never felt so old in my life. Early this morning I went over to my parents. Ralph and Terri (oldest brother and sister-in-law) were there with their little ones so while they were getting ready I entertained Munchkin #1. We got to talking about birthdays and she let me know that she was going to be seven soon (In May, but I suppose that is soon in a child's world). But that wasn't what made me feel old. She asked me how old I was. I responded with "old enough kiddo." But she still wanted to know. I told her I'm 32. I have never seen the kid's eyes pop open wider in my life! But it was also coupled with, "WOW!" Great. Thanks kid. I'll remember that when I'm shopping for your seventh birthday gift! Sigh...


Dizzy Vizzy said...

Sadly it's all relative - maybe even 20 would have made her eyes bug out - your age has double digits!!