Thursday, September 17, 2009


Good lord I have a great feeling about this one. I think I did really well yesterday. Granted I still have to finish up. One of the people I interviewed with ran out of time and had to be dragged out to get to a meeting with the CEO. BUT he said he wants me to contact him so we can finish up.

But other than that, there were really excellent signs that yesterday went very well. I sooooo can't wait. I really hope I got this job. Again, it would be such a lovely way to come home from an awesome trip.

Oh yes, next week Aaron and I will be heading off to Italy! We'll be roaming the northern half of Italy, checking out Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa and a few other cities in between. Then we'll hit Berlin! I am so effing excited. We should be getting our new luggage today. And some time before we head out, I should be getting pony in the mail. Teehee. Pony will soon be an international traveler. (Explanation: Pony is a little stuffed pony. He normally ends up hanging around with the likes of my friends Vizma, Tam, 'Chele and Cathy. While in their posession, he normally ends up in interesting photos. This will be my frist time to have Pony with me.)

So while I'm gone, I will try my best to fill you all in on what's happening via text. However, I'm just not sure how well that'll work. I still haven't been able to get the hang of actually getting my phone to cooperate for e-mails. But I still have some time to iron out the kinks


Cathy said...

yipee!!!!, that is very promising news, and awesome that the great European vacay is so close :)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Good luck!!!

Can't wait to hear all about Italy!

Mejis said...

That's awesome! Good luck!
Have fun in Europe!

BeeOhVee said...

Thank you all for the luck. I know it'll help. :)