Friday, March 12, 2010


I really hope you don't mind me swiping your word, Michele, but really today is (and I am feeling) awesomesauce!

I love looking like a rock star. And so far, every day that I have been at work, I have come off looking like a rock star or a "Superstar" *insert jazzhands here.*

Today was an out of office day. I hit the pavement, if you will, and hit up my contacts over at the news networks. I first visited my old buddies at MSNBC with cupcakes from Magnolia's in tow and had a lovely, but short chat with them. I wasn't so successful at CNN since the people I wanted to see were either away on vacation or they were already gone for the day. BUT as soon as I got home, I started getting calls from my buddies at MSNBC. AWESOMESAUCE!

They want my boss Dr. McPhail on TV tomorrow morning. I called immediately and got his contact information. This process was a little painful because his assistant was really reluctant to give me his numbers. I had to convince her that he had indeed given me his info and that he would be really pissed if he missed out on this opportunity because she didn't give me his number. He's been wanting to get on National TV for ages. The problem is that he is currently on a plane home from DC. The good part about all this is that even if he misses the deadline, he knows that I damn well delivered on what I set out to do today and wasn't wasting my time.

I left him a message at home and on his cell, so if all goes well and I can secure him a spot tomorrow morning, he will be beside himself with joy and I will look like a rock star. If it doesn't go well and we miss the deadline and doesn't go on, I'll still come off looking like a rock star because I did everything I could, short of going to the airport and trying to catch him as he comes off the plane, that is.

I hate waiting.

Oh lord I hope this works out right. Then I'll have to put the word out to every member on the board of directors and out the news up on our twitter and facebook sites. Ah yeah, check me out, Spin Doctor extraordinaire!

Sadly, now I have to wait till he gets off the plane and/or turns his phone on. I'm giving him five more minutes before I begin calling him again.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!!
Hope it all goes well!