Friday, March 12, 2010

Forwaaaaaard.... Hoooooooooo!

I'm in a good place. Work is going well. I'm getting ready to meet up with my old buddies at MSNBC and after that I'm going to try to see a few of the radio people in the area. I'm out of the office today but I've been doing quite a bit of work from home. Last night I was up way too late drafting a letter and another piece that I am going to submit later on this week. I'm also pretty jazzed about the fact that my jobs seems to be pretty well tailored to me. And I can potentially help a few friends looking for some kind of freelance work down the road. Love it.

The other good thing is that Aaron and I decided when we will start trying for kids. :) I'm not going to say when exactly, but we're planning on doing so within this half of the year. Holy exciting Batman!

Last night Aaron and I had a very nice surprise evening alone. We had a lovely dinner which surprised him (fish and not fishsticks). After that, we ended up watching Supernatural, Iron Chef, checked in to see who got booted on American Idol and mostly spent the evening chatting away (this is when the whole subject of a family came up) I love nights like that.