Sunday, March 14, 2010


Meh. So I couldn't get me boss on TV this weekend. 'Sall good. I couldn't get a hold of him till 6:30 but the MSNBC people knew that I was trying my hardest and understood that it was a very last minute thing. Still, I looked good because I damn well tried.

This weekend has been surprisingly productive. I got a mound of laundry done. I got a gift for our friend's kid's first birthday. Attended said party and still managed to get some good, comfy couch time with Aaron. And today I'm relaxing, preparing for the early meeting tomorrow morning, getting ready to make chili and last but not least tidying up the messy corners around the house.

I've noticed that since I started working there have been little piles of random crap gathering int he corners and no one seems to want to bother to clean it up. I've piled them into bags and left them in favorite spots on the couches. I also left post-it notes on each bag saying, "This is your crap. Throw it out." I know what you may be asking, 'how do you know it's not yours as well?' That's simple; most of the stuff there has their names on it OR it's something I know they brought into the place.

I totally understand, now that I'm not there, they (well, not really they, it's more like the brother-in-law) feel they can return to prior slobbish tendencies. But what they have to understand is this, I still live there and if they want to keep breathing, the house better remain tidy. I'm not expecting cleanliness that is up to my standards, but tidy enough that I will not immediately notice and go into a cleaning frenzy and take everyone out in my wake.

One lovely change since I started working is that Aaron wants to help me cook. I'm really trying to include him. I think tonight will be the real test. I am making a recipe that I have in my head which means I'll have to be able to give him directions as we go rather than just do it all on my own. I tried doing this the other night but it didn't really work since there wasn't much to be done. I had to braise leeks, slice oranges and place fish on top of the orange and leeks. He did juice one of the oranges though. I forced myself not to just do it for him. Instead I told him what to do with the orange to prepare it and how to use the reamer. Baby steps. Baby steps.