Friday, July 23, 2010

Revenge of The Wee One

Yesterday we had our NT scan. The wee one was most displeased about getting swished around. The wee one was not positioned correctly to get the image they needed so they had to bounce the sonogram thingy on my belly to get the wee one to move around. I couldn’t help but laugh after she told me it doesn’t harm the baby at all. It was pretty darn cute. The baby looked like it was waving hello and at one point the wee one just kept mooning us, then it wouldn’t keep still. My thought was, ‘why am I not surprised?’ It figures our kid would do something like that.

It was pretty cool. We got to see much more detail of the wee one, like the facial features, little teeth buds, the ribs and spine and the heart beat. There was even a shot that let us see the developing brain. Aaron got to see it on a much bigger screen but sadly where I was, I didn’t have a very clear view, I had to see it on the small monitor. We also saw the wee one’s little fingers every time it seemed to wave hello. Aaron looked completely awestruck, looking up at the screen.

But yeah, everything looked normal so all is good. The only sucky part is that I had to have more blood drawn to do the tests for the Jewish panel. I know; I’m not Jewish nor has anyone in my family. BUT Aaron is Ashkenazi (meaning, Jewish of Eastern European descent) and so I had to be tested to see if I am a carrier for things like Tay-Sachs. Why test me? Well, because apparently it’s easier to run a test on the mother from an insurance standpoint. Booo!!

After the appointment I went back work and Aaron went home. Then, about five minutes after I get back to work I have to go to the bathroom. Then, about a half hour later, same thing. This keeps going until I leave work. I hit shitteous traffic on the way home and by the time I do get home, I’m starving and really tired. Aaron got me dinner and set up last week’s True Blood for me. A little while after I finished dinner, I start feeling a little eh. That feeling becomes a little worse. I luckily ended up in the bathroom by the time I began burping because it wasn’t an innocent burp at all. Nope. My entire dinner came back with a vengeance. I puked so hard my entire face turned red. I mean, it looks like I have small pox.

Aaron tried making me feel better by telling me I look wonderful. Dirty liar! He then tried to console me by suggesting that perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad by morning. I hoped he was right. Morning came and I didn’t look a smidge better. I had to run out to the 24 hour CVS and pick up concealer and foundation. I seriously considered not going to work but because I had two big meetings and I had just taken three days off, I decided to slap the stuff on and try to make the best of it.

I looked like RuPaul or one of his “girls.” Aaron thought it was more along the lines of Michael Jackson. Very powdery and heavily made up. Either way, I was displeased. I still feel like I have a cake on my face but at least I don’t look diseased; just freaky. So yes, the baby got me back for the sloshing. Sigh…

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Moments in Growing a Person

It’s official. I’m preggers.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Hello, weirdo, wasn’t that the case the day you saw the second pink line on the pee stick?’ Well, yes. Yes it was. However, it hasn’t “felt” real until today.

Today (this morning, really) was the day I went to get dressed and ran out of things to wear. I have three dresses that still fit and a pair of shorts that I can still close if I roll the top down. Other than that, I can’t close anything around the belly.

I swear, this whole affair of growing a person is really something else. Aside from the clothing thing and feeling like a Mumu may become a viable clothing option, there’s a whole list of moments you run into that you never, ever, thought you’d experience. Here are some examples (Warning, some of these may fall under the TMI category, but I've been dealing with it, so…):

Smells: I have quickly developed an olfactory sense that could very likely rival a bloodhound. While this is a great thing when surrounded by yummy food, this is actually a terrible thing when standing in an elevator with a person with poor hygiene. OR when going #2. It’s gotten to the point where I frequently have to plug up my nose to go to enter a public bathroom or actually “go.” I found out that the slightest hint of a bad smell sends me into a bout of gagging and has actually led to me puking my guts out. Fun!

I also know when Aaron works with his buddy Park or his boss. Park smokes his boss doesn’t. Aaron quit smoking a few days after finding out we were expecting. When he works with Park, either Aaron or his buddy will get out of the car when Park takes a smoke break. It’s faint but it’s there and damn it I can smell it.

Shoes and socks: Yeah, who knew that something as mundane as putting on socks and shoes could become a chore? About a week ago, I discovered that the belly/bloat-belly was actually starting to get in the way. I know this is to be expected and will likely get worse, but I really didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. I’m not showing that much at all. At this point, it only looks like I’ve eaten waaay too much during that time of the month (at least that’s what I think, although judging by the pants thing; I may be way off base here). But yes, it’s gotten to the point that I can’t just bend down to put socks on. No. The wee one does not approve of this at all. I have to sit down and swing my legs over to the side to put them on. OR I have to get Aaron to help me. I wish I were kidding.

Going to sleep: I’m pregnant, I should be able to conk out at the drop of a hat, yeah, not so much. Often, this is when the wee one decides he is displeased with some morsel of food I may or may not have consumed during that day. Yes, heartburn city! Woohoo! There is nothing worse than being so dead tired, you begin to feel really cranky, but not able to go to sleep, despite the fact that you’re in bed.

What makes things worse is that I know I can’t feel the wee one move around yet. Apparently the middle of the night is when they like being active once they can move voluntarily. I’ve been told movement during that day rocks them to sleep but once you’re out cold and still, THAT’S when they wake up and start kicking around. Fabulous!

But wait, there’s more. On the few blessed nights when the wee one is pleased with the food, the thing that keeps me awake is the discomfort of having a belly. I can’t sleep on my right for some reason (too uncomfortable) and sleeping on my left just feels funny. So I have to sleep on my back. The problem with that is, I’m not used to doing this and the weight around my middle feels odd. OR, it’s too damn hot and I can’t get comfortable no matter how cool I try to make the room.

Peeing: Racehorse comes to mind. Now, this one very often affects the sleep thing too. Usually by the time I fall asleep, I have to wake up to go pee. I get up about twice a night now to go pee. I wish I were joking, but I’ve considered switching to adult diapers. Luckily, I just can’t bring myself to do it. Not to mention, I really don’t think Aaron will ever touch me again after something like that.

Sex: So apparently there’s a great divide between some women who are into it and those who are not during this phase of life. I fall into the group who are. The problem is that we’re quickly running out of options. Nothing, I mean nothing prepares you for the funky-ass sensation of feeling like someone put a rubber ball between your bellies while in missionary (he felt it too). Talk about a show stopper! I think we’re down to about two positions that work.

Eating: Ah yes, eating. I can’t predict when and what I will want to eat. There are times that I really, really crave something then can’t eat it at all once I get it. Case in point; about two weeks ago, I got a corned beef sandwich. The thing had been running through my head since the morning. As soon as I got it, the wee one decided it was repulsed by it. I managed to take one bite before the wee one decided it would push the gag reflex button. I had to order a soup instead. Then there are the days it wants to pig out. Last week I woke up and immediately wanted pizza from a particular shop down the street from my parents place. We got out early that day so I drove out of my way to go to the shop. I ordered a pizza. I got it home and proceeded to eat all but three slices of the damn thing. I would have kept going but I realized how much I ate and got a little grossed out with myself.

Then of course there are the moments where I will be perfectly fine then within minutes be ready to eat my desk.

So yeah, these are just some of the things I have been experiencing so far. There are more, but I really have to go pee.

Friday, July 9, 2010


So after a few shitteous weeks things have started to calm down a bit. Work life and getting stuff done at home has left me pretty much wiped out to the point where the ide of getting back on a computer in the evening actually made me feel a little sick.

Eh, whadda ya gonna do?

So here is a quick, quick recap.

Aaron, has been telling me he's going to try to help out around the house some more.
while I appreciate the sentiment, I'll be happier when I see it.

I've been feeling as sleepy as a teenager in homeroom.

I'm getting huge. Well, I feel it anyway. I'm stll pretty bloated and today, I actually had issues reaching my shoes to take them off.

The wee one, peanut, or "THE FETUS" is happily doing its thing. We went for a sonogram (well it was an appointment to take blood but who cares about that)and as soon as they turned the screen for me to see, the wee one started doing a little jig. It was really odd. The fact that something is apparently performing on command inside me is just trippy.

I think that once we actually get a house, I may have to look into house cleaning services.