Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Lets Go Fly a Kite"

I can't take it any more. The winds have been perfect the last two days or so and I hear them, and my two string stunt calling, begging for me to take advantage of the conditions.

Yep. I'm into flying kites. I have several kinds, boxes, deltas, airfoils but my latest and so far favorite is my two string stunt kite. This is the kind of kite that you can actually manipulate to do loops, fly in vertical or horizontal lines. It's pretty damn nifty (mine is exactly like the one in the picture).

I'm still learning but it's a lot more fun than you remember as a kid. This kind of kite does the the things you wish your plastic, Snoopy kite could do when and if you ever got it in the air.

That's it, my small airfoil and stunt kite it is... We ride!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Out Of It

I don't know what happened today. I normally wake up at around 7:30 or 8:00ish, pretty much when Aaron gets home from work. But today I slept in till 11:00! The problem is, I had a lot of errands I needed to run and then we were supposed to go to Aaron's sisters for Munchkin #4's family birthday party. But I was just running around trying to play catchup but the oversleeping made me feel like I was in a complete fog. I mean, I couldn't remember how old Munchkin #4 turned today. I really felt like the walking dead actually looking for my brain.

I plowed through somehow, but it was a challenge and a half. I have no idea how some people can actually sleep in late all the time. I think the ONLY time I was fully awake was when we were getting ready to head out and I went to do the dishes so I don't have to come back to a sink full of dishes and GUESS WHAT? Yep the F**king sponge was soaking and getting stinky. I flipped my lid. The only problem was that Evan was not home so Aaron got to hear it all. He was good and came in to see what was wrong. I told him to get out of the kitchen if he didn't want me to turn on him. He listened- kinda just backed out with his hands where I could see them. Then the anger just followed me for a good hour or so. It wasn't till we were in the car for a while that Aaron was able to make me crack a smile. He tried Stern, The D and even the Twilight score. Nothing worked until he ran his hand down my cheek. That relaxed me then he did completely inappropriate. He reached over and bounced my boob! It was such a WTF moment that it immediately broke the anger. I went from seething to relaxed for all of a second to cracking up. This is why I love this man.

It really is. One of the first things that first attracted me to him was the fact that he actually made me laugh so hard I cried and just about had my face cramping(and once almost pee my pants... Almost.)

Ooh yes, Aaron also got me an extra gift. He got me a nifty new pair of Converse low-tops. :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had a great day today. I had a bit of a slow start since Aaron had to sleep in a while longer than I did. I took advantage of the "alone" time to get to the laundry very early and do a bit of cleaning. We went out for a nice lunch. I he told me what he got me (the nifty Skull Candy headphones for running) since it didn't come in yet and he also got me tickets to a Yankees game. :)

Then we spent time at my parents. My brother Alvin was there with his wife and kids. It was a nice time but I definitely ate too much. But it's all good.

So now I'm 32. You'd think I'd be used to saying the "thir" part of my age by now. But no. I still try to say the "twe" when asked. :) Hey, age is just a number, right? Twenty six it is then. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Aaron Getting Molested by Michele

Thanks to my friend Cathy, I now have this great photo of Michele feeling up Aaron :)

No one is safe! Loves it.

Cake Wrecks and Twilight

God bless Cake Wrecks. This was just posted on there and it really made me laugh my head off. It's a Twilight cake

Mini Girl's Weekend

It's amazing how quickly a girl's weekend can recharge the batteries. :)

On Saturday we took advantage of a beautiful Spring day and hit the Union Square market, Strolled around Central Park and hit Magnolia's for cupcakes. Then we caught Aaron's gig. The bar was a bit on the light side as far as patrons go, but then again, can you blame them? Who would want to be crammed into a bar when the night is warm and beautiful, unless they know the band. :)

Yesterday was great. The girls and I got breakfast at an area diner before they took off then Aaron and I went to the Mets game. He's the die-hard Mets fan and hadn't gotten the chance to see the stadium yet. He cheered every day he passed by Shea and saw more of the demolition work (he thought Shea was a dump). The new stadium (Citi Field) looks a lot like the old Ebbets field, even with a huge rotunda entrance. The other plus to the design is that because it's open you get a great breeze blowing through, which is very nice on a hot, hot day. I'm not so sure how that'll feel in the fall, but if they keep playing the way they did yesterday against the Nationals, they shouldn't have much to worry about.

This coming weekend, We'll be checking out my team's new stadium. I never had a problem with the old stadium. It was grimy and felt just the way a baseball stadium should feel but I am excited to see what they've done. I've only seen the outside and it is very pretty. I am expecting it to be a lot more grandiose. I can't imagine the Steinbrenner's doing something understated.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baseball Game

The Mets lost badly, but the new stadium is awesome and the view really is great regardless of the location.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Scary As Hell

It's never a good thing when a boss or a superior call your home during your off hours. This is doubly so when your husband is a cop.

This afternoon, all was going well. I was getting the laundry ready and was scouring the place for the stray socks that run away and hide under the couch. The phone rang. I checked the caller ID it said NYPD. Normally, when he's home, seeing this ID doesn't immediately freak me out, but it does put me on alert. I answered figuring it was one of the day tour guys wanting to ask Aaron a question, no biggie. It was a Lieutenant he asked to talk to Aaron. I passed the phone over and about a minute later his face kind of blanched and he walked into the other room. Now I KNOW this isn't good.

As it turns out a guy he arrested last Thursday died from meningitis. The Lieutenant told him to call the doctor and have himself checked out and that I may have to get checked out. Aaron spent the next half hour tyring to get either the district surgeon (NYPD doc) or his doctor on the phone. Finally the NYPD doc called, then they spent more time trying to figure out when he was exposed, etc. while I was freaking out like hell on the inside but trying to remain calm as can be on the outside. What was really worrying me is that we spent the weekend with my four munchkins.

Luckily, the doctor said he should be okay. He said that if he hasn't gotten any symptoms yet, he should be in the clear. He gave him a prescription for Cipro (sp?) just to be sure. He also called his personal doctor for a second opinion and he pretty much said the same thing.

I'm incredibly thankful that everything is fine, but that really had me scared shitless. Especially considering that while we were waiting for the first doctor to call us back, I saw a commercial on TV about meningitis and how you can be fine one day and sick as a dog or dead the next. Yeah the timing on that one couldn't have been better.

Going to Extreme Measures

I'm not the world's biggest neat freak, but I am up there. I can't help it, I like it when things are where they're supposed to be but if that can't be managed, at least I like to have things clean and I mean not dirty, sticky, gross in general or stinking.

So lately I've been having a losing battle over the dish sponge. I can NOT stand it, I repeat, CAN NOT stand it when the thing is left of the little dish wet so that the next time you use it, it's all stinky. Gross! That's when I take the damn thing and nuke it or chuck it. I normally replace the sponges fairly often anyway but what really cheeses me off is when this happens to a new sponge. Blech!

Now most of you know that in order to save up for a home in the very near future, Aaron and I have been living in the apartment with his brother. So I have had the daunting task of training the both of them out of the bachelor lifestyle. The sad passive aggressive fight over the sponge has been between Aaron's brother and myself. But after telling him outright to squeeze the damn thing out after using it last night, and him telling me, "you got it." He went and did it anyway. There it was this morning in it's soggy, stinky glory. I chucked it.

The crazy thing is, this has been going on since I moved in. At first it was impossible to pick out the culprit. We all did the dishes and I was never home to catch the person in the act. But since I haven't been working, Aaron hasn't washed so much as a butter knife, leaving one other person. Ta-dah! I've asked several times but he must think I only meant for him to squeeze the damn thing out on those occasions. So I made myself clearer. I explained why I get annoyed adn he seemed to understand the reasoning, but the problem persists. So this morning, I decided to take it a step further.

I thought, perhaps it's not a matter of not wanting to do it. Perhaps it's a matter of being too F***ING forgetful. So I put up a hot pink sticky note at the sink with the words, "SQUEEZE OUT THE SPONGE! Or I WILL Squeeze it out on your head!" I mean it too. That thing will get wrung out on his head. The note is right at eye level so unless he's also blind, he shouldn't miss it.

So... who's willing to place a bet?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner With The Parents

Aaron and I had my parents over for dinner tonight. It was kind of interesting.

I've had my parents over for dinner before but I still can't help but feel a little odd. I mean, I still feel like everything needs to be prefect. I can't help but feel like they are scrutinizing everything in the place. I know they aren't doing that at all, but still...

I don't know, perhaps it's all in my head. Or perhaps it's that I'm still adjusting to being married.

"It's A Major Award!"

Well, not exactly "major" but it is an award. Thank you to Marathoner81.

The rules for this award are as follows:
1.) List 10 honest things about yourself
2) Pass it on to 7 cool people who embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

And so...

1.) I am a total Martha Stewart devotee and kinda want to be her when I grow up... Except for the, you know, being crazy and the whole going to jail bit.

2.) I fibbed to my husband about how many tea sets I have and that I am still picking up new sets every now and then. Don't know why I do it, I just do.

3.) I adore anything British, particularly their comedy.

4.) Given the choice, I would watch a B-Horror over your standard blockbuster flick any day. And of the B-Movies, George Romero, and old school Sam Rami and Peter Jackson are supreme. Gimme "Night of the Living Dead," "Evil Dead" (Any of the three in the series), "Bad Taste," "Brain Dead" or "Meet the Feebles" any ole day.

5.) I'm a total politics nerd, although I don't actually like to take sides. I'm more of a spectator and heckle all sides equally.

6.) When I say I'm a big geek, I mean it. I used to LARP. I played Vampire the Masquerade for about seven years and created two characters that I still adore. And I used to read comics and am still very much into manga and anime.

7.) I love all my shoes like children although there are a few in my closet that I have not worn since I tried them on in the store.

8.) In addition to tea sets, I have a small rubber duckie collection that I am currently working on expanding.

9.) I know the Rocky Horror Picture Show by heart (actual movie lines and the most common audience participation lines) and have lost count of the times I've actually seen it in a theater. The first time I watched it when I was 12 and immediately fell in love with Tim Curry. Once again, I'm not sure why, I just did.

10.) I ride a motorcycle. Well, when the thing is actually in working order. Which reminds me, I need to call my mechanic.


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For My Friend Michele

Well, this is for her and anyone else who gets pissed off at someone and can't find just the right words. Even if you don't actually bust out into the song, just thinking about it should help make the anger go away a bit.

This is another song that helps.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Googly Moogly, Wolfman!

Holy crap, I need a moment to myself...

Okay... Now, will someone remind me, why does Bella want the shiny cold one?

Dibs on Mr. Tattoo back there (far left)!


I'm not sure what's happening. I'm having issues posting replies to some blogs. I'm assuming it's an issue on my end. I tried replying to things several times. So sorry if I've gone and posted several repeat replies to blogs.

This actually reminded me of something one of my favorite comics once spoke about. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Won Another Quickfire Challenge!

Making dinner most nights feel like I'm on a quickfire challenge, Ala Top Chef. I have X ingredients, and I have little time to make something creative with said ingredients. Okay, so maybe it's just in my head, but still...

Tonight was another time when I feel I won. I don't know how it hit me but it was genius. I had chicken and for veggies I had five lonely looking carrots. I made honey mustard baked chicken and apricot glazed carrots. I paired it with a baby spinach salad (Aaron's nemesis- not salads, spinach.) It rocked!

Aaron even ate the spinach, which proves my theory correct; if you don't tell them what it is they'll eat it and perhaps, even like it. I didn't say a word about the potentially offensive green and what do you know... he said he really liked the salad and even helped himself to seconds. When he finished dinner, I broke the news to him. He said then said he actually likes baby spinach. Whatever, I'm still not telling him he's been eating regular spinach in my glass noodle and veggie dish for years. I originally told him it was bok choy.

"Camelot" and Eddie Izzard's "B-Movies and Vampires"

These are bloody brilliant and someone had a lot of time on their hands. God bless them. They made my day.

I love the low powered vampires! "Prrttth"

Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Domestic Love

As my friend Michele said, perhaps 'it's a sign of adulthood,' whatever it is, I don't care any more. I am in love with my new mop. Well, steam mop.

A wee bit ago my Mom and I saw a demonstration for a steam mop and we thought it was the coolest thing. So as an early birthday gift to myself one. I got it today and took it for a test run. The thing is awesome! It basically steams the hell out of all surfaces. Since then, I've been walking around barefoot just to test out how good a job it did. I am pleased to say, the thing lives up to its promise.

I never thought I'd see the day when I got this excited about a friggin' cleaning product OR buy myself a mop as a birthday gift.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


The pusher strikes again! I am a total Twilight pusher and my most recent taker is one of my best friends, Kristen. She lives all the way out in Vegas so I wasn't able to get her into these books the way I did with Harry Potter, but it's all good. A wee bit ago we had a chat and she said that she finally saw the movie, really loved it and said she now understands the crazy obsession. I told her that if she loves the movie (she bought herself a copy) she would be as obsessed as the rest of our group of friends when she reads the books.

I ordered her the whole series since her birthday was coming up. The books arrived a few days before her B-day but the UPS person left the package on her back porch (which she never even uses) instead of the front door. She got it tonight. And since her boyfriend has a study group session tonight, she now has something to do. :)

She Gives Me Goosebumps!

In case you haven't seen it, this is a TV audition from Britain's Got Talent. This is one of my favorite show songs! Go Susan Boyle!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farewell Supermarket

Once again, my crippling clumsiness has struck and wow was it ever spectacular.

I managed to close down a supermarket aisle! Woo!

I went to on my weekly supermarket trip, all was well. I normally make it out of the place without wreaking much havoc. But no. Today was special. I managed to drop five bottles of pasta sauce and they weren't even a brand I wanted.

I'll explain. The cart I was using started acting up on me. About half way through getting what I needed, one of the wheels started to drag and pull the cart sharply to the left. So to get it to move I had to really push the damn thing. Then it didn't want to stop. So as I was reaching for a pasta sauce the thing bumped the shelf and knocked a bottle off. I caught that one but in the process I knocked off four more bottles. As I tried to catch the others I dropped the one I caught. The aisle was pretty much covered in red and glass. Somehow I only managed to get a few drops on myself. I explained what happened to the store manager and got out of the store as soon as I could. I finished my shopping elsewhere but I'm never going back to that supermarket.

I didn't tell Aaron what happened. He would have never let me live this one down.

The thing is, I should have known it was going to be a bad day. From the moment I woke up things have been going badly for me. I wanged my fractured toe on the door frame (I almost cried), all the pans came down avalanche style when I went to make breakfast and I dropped the dental floss in the toilet. At least dinner was great. Beef Stroganoff- yummy.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ah The Lindsanity

I just wanted to share this because it's funny.

One School Loan Down...

I just made a payment that hurt a bit, but it's all good, I still feel like letting out a barbaric YOP!

With the recent payment I eliminated one of my student loans. I'll have to have one more cup of coffee before making the call to my other slave master to get the payoff balance. But I may well end up doing a celebratory dance of joy later today. I may or may not be naked for it. It'll all really depend on how much letting go of that money hurts and of course, who is home at the time. In the wrong company, THAT would be far too difficult to explain.

"Wanted, Waaaaanted Dead or Aliiiiiive"

I am so excited. The new season of "Deadliest Catch" starts tomorrow!

So, watch it. We'll discuss... That's all I really needed to say. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brainy Chats and UFC

Sometimes I have to wonder what a random observer would think about how Aaron and I work. Earlier today, we had one of those really geeky conversations turned geekout. We caught The Odyssey on SciFi and then started talking about the difference in order from the book and this lead to one of our odd quizzes where we try to stump the other on anything regarding the book. We often do this, particularly when it comes to mythology. This conversation lasted a while. Later on we got into this pattern while watching X-Men (Soooo can't wait for Wolverine!) He usually stumps me here, because I didn't have my own comics, I just borrowed any issue I could from the boys in my classes, so there are some holes in my X-Men knowledge.

Mind you, these kinds of geekout sessions are all in good fun and we usually end up impressed when the other knows or remembers some vague point. But my questions is, is this normal behavior? Not that we really care, but do other people debate their significant other for sport or try to test their knowledge like this?

But yeah, you'd think Aaron and I were intellectual elitists, then we turn around and get really excited about watching the Brits fighting in the UFC!

I have to say, I don't know what it is about them, but the Brits just look a bit nuttier than the American or Latin American MMA fighters. I love it. I just wish they would air more of the old school UFC fights. The ones that took place before all the rules were set up. Holy cow were those bouts brutal.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Mini Vaca (No, not cow in Spanish)

Aaron and I discovered that the best time to go on a mini vacation are weekends that are family oriented holidays.

After Aaron's car got smashed at the hotel the night before our wedding, we tried and tried to have them give us some kind of compensation. They didn't give us money but they eventually gave us a pass for a weekend stay. So we took advantage of it this weekend. The weather was kind of crappy but we had a nice time. The place was pretty much empty.

We meant to go looking at some of the towns, to make things easier when we go to buy a home, but we got very lost and irritated. As it turns out, the people who designed and named the roads in Long Island are sadists. The damn things have multiple names and they switch without any rhyme or reason. So after cursing a lot and almost getting sick from Aaron's erratic driving (stopping and starting the car often- blech) we gave up and went back to the hotel. We eventually went out to a nice restaurant and have a lovely dinner. Again, the best part is that the place was empty.

We also discovered a great little hole in the wall, kind of diner that looked like it came right out of the fifties. They made one of the best breakfasts I have ever had. The eggs were outstanding and the pancakes (and most of you know my love for pancakes/ waffles and how picky I am about them) were really superb. They made them from scratch! How awesome is that?

So now we're home but I kind of wish we were still there. It's nice not having to do the house work and having a huge bed. That's definitely going to be something I insist on once we get a house. I will be needing a king-size bed. Not to mention, I could really go for a plate of those pancakes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lucky-Ass Cat

Nabi's lucky streak is a mile wide. Nabi went to a new home today and no, it's not the Humane Society. As it turns out, this morning the H.S. got a new resident, a momma cat and her eight kittens, so they were out of room for Nabi. They did take photos of her and were going to post them online to see if they could do a home to home adoption.

On our way out, we came across a lady who was looking at Nabi. My Mom sees this and asks her if she wants a cat. As it turns out, my Mom knew her. We chatted for a while then randomly her daughter who is a volunteer at the H.S. walked by, said hello then walked down to the dog park at the end of the block. The lady my Mom knew said she would ask to see if she knows of anyone interested in taking the kitty in and then we parted ways. We put the kitty in the car and started to head back home, kitty in tow. Before I got the car out of reverse the lady started flagging me down. When I rolled the window down she said they would take Nabi.

Apparently, the lady's daughter asked what was happening and said her son wants a cuddle bug cat and the fact that she's declawed makes her an even better choice for her son. Here's the real kicker, when we got the cat into the car, she kind of mentioned where her daughter lives and it's in a really nice area of the town. Then they said they're going to be moving to Miami in three months. She also mentions her husband is a record producer. So not only does Nabi luck out of the H.S. she manages to land herself a nice family where she will have a new buddy who wants to cuddle and she's got a really sweet new home and will soon be living the good life in Miami.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Looky, An Orchid!

Oh yes, My Mommy and I went to the New York Botanical Garden today to check out the annual Orchid Show. Every year one of us walks away with a new orchid. This year, it was me. Not to worry, I kept my promise and did not spend money on this one. My Mom got it for me. Then, I Splurged and shelled out $10. on a really pretty flowering plant I have never seen before. Hey, I would have spent that amount on a lunch and a drink or something. :) And it adds to our home. :)

Kitty's Last Day

Today is the kitty's last day. I got a call from the humane society. They apparently found a taker for the kitty. They people are looking for an adult cat that's declawed. Woohoo! I am sooooo excited. I can't wait to be able to actually go a week without vacuuming the place from top to bottom. Now that Spring has arrived I haven't even bothered to put the vacuum away. I've pretty much been cleaning on a daily basis. I'm convinced this cat is part Tribble. There is no end to the shedding.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"Tea and Sympathy"

I did a very bad thing today. I mean really bad thing and I'm lucky I know how to hide things well. Intrigued yet? Okay, I'll spill it. I went to the mall today and I treated myself to one item. I got myself the new body splash from Coach. I got the peony scent. Love it. Then I mean to only refill my tin of tea at Teavana. I ended up getting a full pound of the tea Aaron and I love, then I got a half pound of Chai and a half pound of an awesome peach something or the other. If you know anything about Teavana, you'll know that beside being really fresh and really friggin' nice tea, it's also expensive. I spent more than a C-note. I'm not going to say how much more than that because it hurts to think about. Oh yeah, I also got another set of tea cups. But they are really fargin' cute and they were on sale! This brought my total up, by the way... okay so it brought it up to two C's. Aaron will kill me if he finds out. Luckily he REALLY loves the tea and it has helped lower his cholesterol, so I can always just say, I'm doing this for his health... you know, as he's choking he life out of me.

I can't help myself though, I love tea. It's kind of like a closet obession. This is why I have so many damn tea sets. I told Aaron I got rid of some of them, but in reality, my Mom's just hanging on to them. I got rid of one set becuase it was one I got as a gift, but the quality was really bad and it altered the flavor of the tea. I love tea parties and I love sharing really good tea with people. If I had the space, I would so throw regular tea parties (I fully intend to do so once, Aaron and I own a home).

But yes, back to the leak in my wallet. After the tea shop I went to a beauty products store only meaning to buy one nail polish color since my Esse's "ballet slippers" color is tapped out. This should have set me back about $7. I'm not sure how, but I walked out with $75 worth of stuff!

I have decided that I am not spending another damn cent until Thursday, when I go food shopping. I'm not leaving home unless it's to go for a run or the gym. Well, perhaps if I have to go to the doctor's. Which I may have to do soon. I still don't know what the hell is wrong with my foot. They were supposed to have gotten my X-rays back today, but they didn't. Ah well, I'll just keep popping my anti-inflammatory pills. Too bad they haven't done squat for the pain.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fighting, Running and Food (ie, Getting Past Things)

Like most people, Aaron and I only really fight when it comes to differing opinions on money. Because my finances have been in turmoil for the past few months, I have lost control a bit. I'm normally a lot better about where my money goes and how much is owed. But since I have been meaning on paying off certain bills once my buyout money comes in, I haven't really paid much attention to that. This has been driving Aaron batty. He is a lot more of a type-A person than I ever could be when it comes to money, so the fact that I have honestly forgotten how much is left on my student loan (one of the bills marked for paying off), drove him nuts and he started getting snippy. The thing is when Aaron gets snippy with me when I feel its unwarranted, I get snippier. This of course escalates till we're all out yelling at each other. Yesterday got to the point where all I could really do is glare and growl. Then I told him to fuck off! We walked away from each other to simmer down.

After about two hours, I decided that I could either leave him in the bedroom to stew, or I could extend an olive branch. I offered to make him tea. He accepted it but not before apologizing for being a tool. He hasn't been smoking at all for about four days now so he's been extra short tempered. I could have inserted the fact that I went through the same thing not too long ago, but decided to not actually zone in on a person as a target, but decided against it. That would have just been stirring the pot for no good reason whatsoever.

Today, he grudgingly agreed to do something nice for me. Well, I really didn't give him much of a choice in the matter, but that's beside the point. Anyhoo, I made him go running with me. I pushed myself a little harder than I normally do. I don't know why, but I suspect somewhere in my head, some part of me wanted to get back at him for being a tool the day before. He tried keeping up and for the most part he did stay within a few steps behind me. But by the end he was just walking. He didn't feel so well and started feeling a bit of pain within a few hours. I felt bad. I made him a nice dinner including a potato salad minus the mayo (he hates mayo). It rocked. It was kind of my way of saying sorry, without actually saying anything. I think keeping the run confession restricted to here is probably for the best.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Ailing Duo

You know how people start looking alike when they've been together for a long time? Well, Aaron and I aren't starting to look alike but we are starting to fall apart together. For the past few days Aaron and I have not been doing so well, he has been awfully grumpy because he had a doctor's appointment and had to be on a liquid diet. I on the other hand have been in pain. Apparently a while ago, I really messed up my foot while wearing bitch-heels (really cool looking but tall-ass heeled shoes that shouldn't really be worn if you intend to actually stand). I recall the ball of my left foot and the toe hurting like a mother, but then the pain went away and came back and so it went for a few months. The other day, after a nice long run, I accidentally stepped on it in just the right way and I fell over in tears. My doctor thinks I may have fractured it. Yaaaaay.

I got X-rays on both feet today, and I should know what I did to myself by Monday. But wait, it's not over. Since Aaron is on a silly HMO insurance (we are so switching the first chance we get), I decided to talk to my doctor about a few moles that I have been keeping tabs on. He didn't like the looks of one of them, so next week, I get to go to the dermatologist so she or he can basically stare at me and make me feel uncomfortable as heck. Woohoo!

Ooh... Looky, A Giveaway!

"Who is Mitch?" is having a giveaway! Sweet!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Feel Young!

I can't believe it, I have something in common with teens (other than an insane obsession with Twilight). I can hear the cricket!

If you don't know what it is, it's a high pitched sound producer that most adults can't hear. Basically, it's because most people in their mid-to-late 20s and beyond can't hear it because of aging. Originally adults were using these these noise producers as loitering deterrents, but teens have started using the high frequency sound as ring tones to not get caught using cell phones in school.

Earlier today, I was on line at the post office and I kept hearing this really annoying high pitched sounds and it was driving me nuts, I looked around and asked if anyone knew what was making the noise. The two teen girls in front of me looked at me stunned. They told me what it was and asked me how old I am, then looked really stunned. One of them said the oldest person she ever met who could hear it was 23.

Now I'm really glad I've always taken care of my hearing.