Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dear Lord, I Love Crap TV

I can't help myself. Every now and then a program comes on the telly that I can NOT help but watch and eventually have to fess up to watching. "Flava of Love" was one of them as was "I Love New York," and now it's "Daisy of Love." I wanted to not watch it. I really tried but once you get sucked into the brainless nonsense it's hard to stop.

I've been watching the "special" episode that recaps the show thus far and it's wonderful. It shows all the kooky stuff so far and some extras but the best part about it is listening to some of the comments made by Daisy and the goobers on the show. I honestly feel my IQ points slipping away as the hour ticks away. I wish someone could explain why, WHY I can't stop watching these shows. I think I need to go read a book or try electroshock to coax my brain back into functioning. Until next week, that is.


Mich said...

haha i get hooked on stupid shows like that too... cant help it!