Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lazy Sundays. Sigh

I'm pretty psyched. I got to spend a beautiful Sunday outside with a group of friends, shopping at the outlet mall. We popped in to different stores and chatted up a storm. Aaron was there too but he was off on his own. Actually he dropped me off, went out to look at a few houses in the area then came back to do some shopping. It's not like I ditched him completely or anything like that. The best thing about this outing is that I only spent $40 on a few tops. That's it. Woo!

Afterwards we came home and took a nice looooong nap. I just finished a summer chili (tons of veggies) and had dinner. I love it. Today was pretty much stress free and wonderful. More days should be like this.


K13 said...

so Chele tells me you are considering doing the Disney Princess 1/2 with us....well, still thinking about it? the more the merrier!!

BeeOhVee said...

Ooh, yes but there may be a snag. I may have to go in for surgery on my foot, but I am not sure just yet. However, I am really considering it. It'll be a challenge since I've never run a half before. The longest race i have ever done is a 10K. But we shall see. :)