Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dinner Failure

As I mentioned earlier, I have been in a funk. Sure the good ole hubby did his best to pull me back from the brink of lighting my first cigarette in months, still I was, well, in the mood to give everything the raspberry. Said funk then lingered and managed to pretty much dampen my enthusiasm for making dinner. Blech.

So rather than making a chicken, wild rice and cauliflower au gratin. I ended up making grilled hot dogs, mac and cheese and steamed veggies. I have to say, that is the saddest little dinner I have made in a very long time. Ah well, at least it's not as bad as the meal I packed for him to take to work. I packed him a yakisoba noodle box, carrot sticks, homemade hummus and crackers. Yeah, it's the mixed up snacks meal.

I'll have to make it up to him. I think I'll make braised short ribs tomorrow. He should love that. Not to mention, it'll be a good show off meal. Apparently meals are somewhat of an event for his fellow cops. They like to gather to see and guess what I packed him. The majority of them have to order take out or pick something up from the 24 hour McD's. Tsk, tsk.

As a side note, this is why some cops get fat. They're usually in a hurry when they eat and if they work odd hours, they only have access to fast food. Since Aaron started taking food with him, his weight gain has slowed. In the past month he's actually lost 1 percent bodyfat. :) I just have to make sure I pack him better meals.


Optimistic Pessimist said...

i love hot dogs and mac & cheese!

Dizzy Vizzy said...

Too funny that the "boys" gather and do the "Whatcha get for lunch?" thing that we used to do in elementary school!