Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Never Say, "Don't Freak Out" Over The Phone!

I love my Mom, I really do but the woman is not exactly known for smooth. This morning I got a call from my Mom at about 7:00. I freaked a bit because no one calls at that time except for Aaron and when that happens, it's not exactly a good thing. So I was relieved to hear my Mom's voice until she said, "now, don't freak out or anything. It's going to be okay." So now I'm freaking out. Good lord what happened to my Dad? Nope. She then says, "Ralph (my eldest brother) is in the hospital" and then she pauses! I think she was trying to give me a heart attack. After the, WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED? questions, she THEN tells me that he went to the hospital last night after being urged by my sister in law. He was feeling sick for the last few days and then started feeling pain in his abdomen. They admitted him last night and he is currently still in surgery getting his taken appendix out.

So now, my Mom and I are heading up to Mass.


Dizzy Vizzy said...

OMG! I hate those calls - glad that he's being taken care of!!

Cathy said...

I really hate those calls, its like instant butterflies that don't go away..
I am sure Ralph will pull thru with flying colors, and with the laproscopic surgury they do for appendectomies, he will only have a few dots as scars.

Give the munchkins and Terri hugs from us

K13 said...

Ugh - that would be SO frightening. Hope everything goes well and he's feeling better very soon!!